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Side effect(s) of Pipecuronium

Read the side effects of Pipecuronium as described in the medical literature. In case of any doubt consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Cardiovascular: Decreased blood pressure, decreased heart rate, chestpain, abnormal heart rhythm and thrombosis (formation of a clot in a blood vessel).

Central Nervous System: Decreased brain activity, reduced sensation of touch

Respiratory: Difficulty in breathing, respiratory depression, laryngeal muscle spasm, and lung collapse

Metabolic: Decreased blood sugar level, increased blood potassium level and creatinine level

Others: Anuria (passage of less or no urine), skin rashes, a decrease in the muscle mass and an allergic reaction including an anaphylactic reaction.

Other Precautions :  Pipecuronium has no effect on consciousness and pain, therefore it should be always accompanied by anesthesia.
In case of overdosage, neostigmine is used to reverse the effects of pipecuronium.
A peripheral nerve stimulator can be used to identify the nature and degree of the neuromuscular blockade.
Since pipecuronium contains bromide, it should be avoided inpatients who had episodes of bromide allergy.

Drug Name : Pipecuronium

Pipecuronium generic Pipecuronium is a long-acting neuromuscular blocking agent which causes reversible paralysis of the skeletal muscles. It is used to provide skeletal muscle relaxation during surgery. It is also recommended to provide relaxation of skeletal muscles during endotracheal intubation (procedure involves placing a tube into the windpipe to maintain an open airway). It works by blocking the signal transmission at the junction connecting muscles and nerves.
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