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Side effect(s) of Etynodiol

Read the side effects of Etynodiol as described in the medical literature. In case of any doubt consult your doctor or pharmacist.

• Menstrual disturbances, including prolonged bleeding or spotting and amenorrhea.

• Periodic abdominal bloating and breast tenderness may be due to water retention that can be relieved with diuretics.

• A decrease in HDL cholesterol.

• Hypogonadism due to its antigonadotropic effects at high dosages (5 to 60 mg/day) used in the treatment of gynecological disorders.

• Androgenic side effects like acne, hirsutism and voice changes at high doses (10 to 40 mg/day) only when used alone and not when used in low doses combined with estrogen.

Other Precautions : • Caution should be taken in diabetes patient because it may increase the blood sugar level.

Drug Name : Etynodiol

Etynodiol generic Etynodiol diacetate (the diacylated derivative of etynodiol or ethynodiol) is prescribed for the prevention of pregnancy in women who chose to take oral contraceptives. It is a hormonal contraceptive containing two hormones progestin and estrogen. Etynodiol diacetate is used in combination with an estrogen in combined oral contraceptives for women. Oral contraceptive products should not be used unless medically indicated. Etynodiol diacetate’s primary mechanism is to prevent ovulation during the menstrual cycle, but it also makes changes in the cervical fluid making it difficult for the sperm from reaching the egg and in the endometrium reducing the likelihood of implantation. Other than prevention of pregnancy it helps in making the periods regular, and it also decreases the blood loss, reduces the risk of ovary cysts Etynodiol diacetate upon oral administration is converted rapidly by esterases into etynodiol which is then converted immediately and completely to norethisterone. etynodiol diacetate has progestogenic activity and weak androgenic activity and estrogenic activity.
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