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Side effect(s) of Cyclophosphamide

Read the side effects of Cyclophosphamide as described in the medical literature. In case of any doubt consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Heart- Acute cardiac toxicity, heart failure, blood in the pericardium, fluid accumulation, irreversible destruction of heart muscle, inflammation of pericardium.

Central Nervous System- Lack of energy, general discomfort.

Skin- Hair loss, nail changes, skin pigmentation, skin rash, toxic epidermal blistering.

Gastrointestinal- Abdominal discomfort and pain, loss of appetite, diarrhea, bleeding in colon, sore throat, nausea, vomiting.

Hormone- Syndrome of inappropriate anti- diuretic hormone hyper secretion.

Genitourinary- Absence of a menstrual period associated with decreased estrogen and increased gonadotropin secretion, atypical urinary bladder epithelial cells in the urine, absence of sperm, urinary bladder inflammation, blood in urine, impairment of fertility, cyst in ovary, death of tubular cells , urinary bladder cyst.

Liver- Jaundice.

Blood-Lymphatic- Decrease in all types of blood cells with fever.

Hypersensitivity- Systemic vasodilatation which results in low blood pressure, including death.

Respiratory- Scarring of both lungs, scarring and thickening of the lung tissues.

Miscellaneous- Infections, cancers caused by treatment with radiation or chemotherapy.

Other Precautions : *It may cause absence of menstrual period in women.

Drug Name : Cyclophosphamide

Cyclophosphamide(Cytoxan) generic is an antineoplastic agent, prescribed for many types of cancers like lymphatic cancer, cancer of white blood cells and plasma cells, etc,. It slows or stops the growth of cancer cells in your body.
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