Side effect(s) of Cefaclor

Review the side-effects of Cefaclor as documented in medical literature. The term "side effects" refers to unintended effects that can occur as a result of taking the medication. In majority of the instances these side-effects are mild and easily tolerable, however sometimes they can be more severe and can be detrimental.

If the side effects are not tolerable adjusting the dosage or switching to a different medication can help to manage or overcome side effects. If you have any doubts or questions, we recommend seeking advice from your doctor or pharmacist.

- Itching, hives, weakness, swelling in the face and limbs, difficulty in breathing, tingling, fainting, low blood pressure and dilatation of blood vessels.

   Central Nervous System
- Reversible hyperactivity, agitation, nervousness, sleeplessness, confusion, increased muscle tone, dizziness, hallucinations and drowsiness.

- Elevation in liver enzymes level.

- Anemia and decrease in white blood cells and platelets.

- Slight elevations in BUN or serum creatinine (less than 1 in 500)

Other Precautions :

Take full course of treatment.
Avoid excess dosage.

Drug Name : Cefaclor

Cefaclor(Ceclor and Pulvules) generic is a cephalosporin antibiotic, prescribed for certain infection caused by bacteria such as pneumonia, ear, lung, skin, throat, and urinary tract infections. It works by fighting against bacteria in the body.

Trade Names for Cefaclor

India :

International :

Ceclor and Pulvules.
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