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Side effect(s) of Burosumab-twza

Read the side effects of Burosumab-twza as described in the medical literature. In case of any doubt consult your doctor or pharmacist.


Injection site reactions


Pain in the extremities


Muscle pain

Restless leg syndrome


Toothache or tooth abscess

Low levels of vitamin D

High phosphorus levels in the blood


Other Precautions :  Patients should be monitored for the level of parathyroid hormone regularly as there will be an increase in the hormone levels during treatment with burosumab-twza
Dizziness may occur following burosumab-twza administration and activities involving driving or operating heavy machinery should be avoided as it may impair mental alertness.
Injections should be allowed to come to room temperature before administering.

Drug Name : Burosumab-twza

Burosumab-twza generic Burosumab-twza or KRN23 is a monoclonal antibody prescribed to treat a rare hereditary disorder called X-linked hypophosphatemia (low levels of phosphate in the blood) in adult and pediatric patients who are one year and above. It has been successfully tested in children with X-linked hypophosphatemic rickets Use of burosumab-twza can be confirmed by the radiographic evidence of bone disease. Burosumab-twza works by blocking the activity of FGF23 protein resulting in reabsorption of phosphate by the kidneys and thereby restoring the phosphate levels in the blood.
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