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Drugs for Treatment of Stones in Urinary Tract

Are you searching for medications to treat 'Stones in Urinary Tract'? Welcome to this section, which serves as a repository for medications that are relevant to the treatment of Stones in Urinary Tract. The page includes both the generic and brand names and can be an invaluable resource for healthcare professionals and individuals who wish to get an insight on different medication options.
Click on a medication below to view details including brand names, prices, dosages, side effects, and administration guidelines.
Additionally, a FAQs section is available for each medication, addressing popular inquiries and providing deeper insights into its use for Stones in Urinary Tract management.
We recommend consulting your doctor to verify the information presented on this page or for any additional clarifications.

Brand Names and Generic Names of Drugs for Treatment of Stones in Urinary Tract

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Suggested Readings on Urinary Tract Stones

Anatomy of Urinary System - Animation
Animation & slides showing anatomy of urinary system and the role of kidneys in getting rid of the waste products and excess fluid from our body to keep us healthy.
Pyeloplasty of Kidney - Animation
Animation showing Pyeloplasty surgical operation to relieve obstruction of the pelvi-ureteric junction of the kidney.
Kidney stones - Colics due to a moving Kidney stone - Animation
Interactive section of Medindia explains Colics due to a moving Kidney stone
Kidney Stones in Children
Increase in salt concentration in the urine results in precipitation of crystals and these lead to formation of kidney stones. Drinking a lot of water can prevent kidney stones.
Urinary Stone Disease
Stones in the urinary system can form in the kidneys and can sometimes travel down towards the bladder to give rise to acute colics.
Dialysis is an artificial process for removing excess water and waste from the blood. Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis are the types of dialysis.
Hydronephrosis / Antenatal Counseling
Currently most pregnant women undergo one or two ultrasound scans during their pregnancy.
Glomerulonephritis is described as spectrum of kidney disease which occurs due to inflammation of the glomerular compartment of the kidney tissues.
Time Averaged Concentration of Urea
This calculator gives you the average concentration of urea, which is calculated with the value of blood urea nitrogen (BUN), in terms of mg/dl, before and after dialysis.
Protein Catabolic Rate
Find out breakdown rate of proteins in patients suffering from kidney problem and for those undergoing dialysis.
Dialysis Efficiency (Kt/V) Calculator
Dialysis Efficiency Calculator or Kt/V calculator is an interactive tool that indicates how well dialysis is working for you and checks if enough water and waste products are cleared from your blood.
Top 10 Alarming Facts on Kidney Disease
The incidence of lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes and hypertension has resulted in the rise of kidney diseases and treatments around the world.
Urinary Stone Prevention - Dos & Don'ts
Tips to prevent urinary stone formation. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily. Those living in warmer places should drink up to 8-10 glasses of water daily.
Quiz on Kidney
How healthy are your kidneys? Is it possible to lead healthy lives with just a single kidney? Learn more by taking part in this ...
Kidney Transplantation
Since the early times, the novel idea of transplanting tissues and other body parts from one organism to the other has captured the imagination of successive generations.
Diet for Kidney stones
Diet for kidney stone should comprise of calcium-rich foods, increased fluid intake. Other dietary recommendations depends on the type of kidney stone.
Kidney Stones
A kidney stone is a solid mass made up of tiny crystals and may appear in any area of the urinary system.
Prune Belly Syndrome
Prune belly syndrome is characterized by an absence of abdominal muscles, severe abnormality of the urinary tract and undescended testes
Urodynamic Testing
What is urodynamic testing? When is it required? Find out what it is used for and if it is useful in the diagnosis of conditions responsible for urinary incontinence and urinary tract infections.
Hypercalcemia refers to biochemical changes that occur in the body due to excess calcium in the blood.
Bladder Stones / Vesical Calculi
Bladder or vesical stones form following infection or stasis of urine in the bladder. Treatment is usually by transurethral cystolithopaxy - an endoscopy procedure.
Here's Why You Should Stay Away From Fad Diets
Do fad diets really work? Here are some disadvantages and side-effects of going on a fad diet. Healthy eating practices help you lose weight and improve health.
Bladder Stones Treatment: Cystolitholapaxy - Surgical Procedure
Cystolitholapaxy is a surgical procedure used to treat stones in the urinary bladder. The procedure is carried out with the help of a cystoscope and can be transurethral (through the urethra) or percutaneous to remove the stones.
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Stones in Urinary Tract - Management and Prevention
Ask people who have suffered from urinary stones and they will tell you how excruciating the pain can be!
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