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Desmopressin : Interaction with Food, Herbs, Alcohol and Caffeine

Interaction of Desmopressin with Food, Herbs, Alcohol and Caffeine - For your own safety It is important to understand and avoid the drug-food interaction and how to take the medication. Drug-food interaction can sometimes cause side effects and can even reduce the efficacy of the drug.
Desmopressin Desmopressin is used to reduce the symptoms of diabetes insipidus or water diabetes, a condition in which the body produces an abnormally excessive amount of urine. Desmopressin helps to treat bed wetting or nocturnal enuresis, a condition of passing urine during sleep at night. Desmopressin also reduces the excessive thirst and the passage of large amount of urine that occurs after a head injury or a head surgery. It is also used to treat hemophilia A (a genetic disorder that causes increased bleeding) and von Willebrand disease (a bleeding disorder that occurs due to low levels of clotting protein in the blood). Desmopressin is a hormone which works by mimicking the action of vasopressin, an antidiuretic hormone which helps to balance the amount of water and salt in the body.


Desmopressin Interactions with Food and Herbs

Fluid Foods: Intake of excessive fluids while taking desmopressin might interfere in the treatment of bed-wetting

Desmopressin Interactions with Alcohol

Alcohol may reduce the effect of desmopressin. Avoid drinking alcohol while taking desmopressin.

Desmopressin Interactions with Caffeine

Strictly avoid tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cola drinks or fizzy drinks which contain caffeine, especially in the afternoon and evening while taking desmopressin as caffeine can increase the amount of urine produced by the kidneys, and interfere with the effect of desmopressin.

How to Take the Medication -

Desmopressin comes in the form of a tablet to take by mouth. It can be taken 2-3 times in a day. If you are taking it for bed-wetting, you may take this only once a day preferably at bed time. Your doctor may start with a low dose and then may increase the dose gradually according to your body condition. Follow the given instructions exactly. Desmopressin is also available as a nasal spray
Desmopressin for Medical Condition(s)
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