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Drug information on Metflu (0.5+10) (Melitracen) from BEEKAY PHARMACEUTICALS PVT. LTD.

Metflu (0.5+10)

Generic : Melitracen
10 Tablets
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Medical Condition(s) for which Metflu (0.5+10) may be prescribed

Overview of Metflu (0.5+10)

• Melitracen is a tricyclic antidepressant that is used mainly to treat depression and anxiety.

Side effects of Metflu (0.5+10)

Rare in the recommended doses

  Central nervous system: A headache, drowsiness, anxiety, insomnia 

  Gastrointestinal: Dry Mouth, weight gain, nausea, upset stomach, decreased appetite, diarrhea

  Ophthalmological: Blurred vision

  Others: Weakness, difficulty in breathing, sweating 

Side-effects of the combination drug:

  Central nervous system: Restlessness, insomnia, hypomania, dizziness, tremor, visual disturbances, headache, extrapyramidal symptoms

  Others: Hyperprolactinemia

Dosage & When it is to be taken (Indications)

The recommended dose of melitracen hydrochloride is

Adults: 25 mg tablet up to two or three times daily. The dose can be gradually increased to a total of 225 mg daily if necessary.
Elderly patients: Reduced doses of 25 or 30 mg daily initially

The recommended dose of melitracen and flupentixol combination drug is

Adults: Dose of 10 mg melitracen and 500 mg flupentixol orally in the morning and at midday. Morning dose can be doubled for severe cases.

Elderly patients:Adult dose is appropriate but only once in the morning. Only in severe cases, the dose has to be given in the afternoon too.

• When withdrawing the drug, do it gradually to reduce the risk of withdrawal symptoms.

How to use Metflu (0.5+10)?

• Melitracen is available in an oral form as melitracen hydrochloride tablet (melitracen hydrochloride 28.1 mg is equivalent to about 25 mg of melitracen) and should be taken by mouth with a glass of water.

When is Metflu (0.5+10) not to be taken? (Contraindications)

Melitracen is contraindicated in patients with

• Hypersensitivity to the drug
• Myocardial infarction
• Narrow-angle glaucoma
• Bipolar disorder
• Who received monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI) within two weeks

For those using the combination drug, it is contraindicated in patients:
• In the immediate recovery phase after myocardial infarction
• With defects in bundle-branch conduction
• With untreated narrow-angle glaucoma
• With acute alcohol, barbiturate and opiate intoxications
• Who received monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI) within two weeks

The combination is not recommended for excitable or overactive patients since its activating effect may excite them more.

Warnings and Precautions for Metflu (0.5+10)

• Pregnant and nursing women are advised not to take the combination drug
• Withdraw the combination drug gradually if the patient has previously been treated with tranquilizers with sedative effects.

Other Precautions for Metflu (0.5+10)

• Complete the entire dose of the drug prescribed by the doctor

Drug Interactions of Metflu (0.5+10)

Flupentixol-melitracen combination -

• Enhances responses of alcohol, barbiturates, and other CNS depressants when taken together
• When taken along with MAO inhibitors, can cause hypertensive crisis

Storage Conditions for Metflu (0.5+10)

• Melitracen should be stored at room temperature in a cool, dry place.
• Protect from light.

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