A-Z Drug Brands in India

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Medindia currently has information on 3050 generic drugs and 110,322 brands that have their prices listed. New drugs with their prices are listed as and when they get approved by the drug controller. Please do write to us (info@medindia.net) if a drug is missing from our comprehensive drug price list.

A-Z List of Drug Brand Names

A-Z Drug brands listed for healthcare professionals and consumers. Click on the brand names below and narrow your search to specific drug information, price by their brand name and manufacturer details. The letter A has 9057 brands listed.

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SNo Brand SNo Brand
9001 Azunate-AB (75mg/mL) 9002 Azunate-L (240mg/40mg)
9003 Azunate-L (480mg/80mg) 9004 Azunate-L Suspension (40mg/240mg/5mL)
9005 Azure (500mg) 9006 Azure DT (100mg)
9007 Azure F/C (250mg) 9008 Azure F/C (500mg)
9009 Azux (15ml) 9010 Azux (250mg)
9011 Azux (500mg) 9012 Azux DT (100mg)
9013 Azux Inj (500mg) 9014 Azvig (100mg)
9015 Azvig (15ml) 9016 Azvig (250mg)
9017 Azvig (500mg) 9018 Azvig DT (100mg)
9019 Azvig DT (250mg) 9020 Azvzn (1000 mg
9021 Azwel (250mg) 9022 Azwel (500mg)
9023 Azy (250mg) 9024 Azy (500mg)
9025 Azylin (250mg) 9026 Azylin (500mg)
9027 Azylin DT (100mg) 9028 Azysafe (1000mg)
9029 Azysafe (15ml) (100mg) 9030 Azysafe (15ml) (200mg)
9031 Azysafe (250mg) 9032 Azysafe (500mg)
9033 Azysafe DT (100mg) 9034 Azystate (250mg)
9035 Azystate (500mg) 9036 Azywell (100mg)
9037 Azywell (200mg) 9038 Azywell (250mg)
9039 Azywell (500mg) 9040 Azyxin (15ml)
9041 Azyxin (250mg) 9042 Azyxin (500mg)
9043 Azyxin Plus 9044 Azyxin -Plus
9045 Azyxin Plus (500mg) 9046 Azza (100mg)
9047 Azza (15ml) 9048 Azza (200mg/5mL)
9049 Azza (250mg) 9050 Azza (500mg)
9051 Azza DT (100mg) 9052 Azzin (15ml)
9053 Azzin (250mg) 9054 Azzin (500mg)
9055 Azzotek (250mg) 9056 Azzotek (500mg)
9057 Azzotek DT (100mg)
Disclaimer :
The Price of the drugs indicated above may not match the actual price at which they are sold. Prices can change depending on many factors, including local taxes. These are only approximate indicative prices of the drug.

Browse the Drug Brands alphabetically

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