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Work  2020 Jan 27  

The impact of globalization on populations experiencing homelessness.

Bahr E

Elisabeth Bahr, OTD, MS, OTR/L is an occupational therapist practicing at the New York City Department of Education in Brooklyn NY and is a member of ... Read More

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Sci. Total Environ.    

Oxidative stress ecology in brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) from a high-mountain lake (Cottian Alps).

Pastorino P, Elia AC, Caldaroni B, Menconi V, Abete MC, Brizio P, Bertoli M, Zaccaroni A, Gabriele M, Drr AJM, Pizzul E, Prearo M

High-mountain lakes are pristine ecosystems characterized by extreme environmental conditions. The atmospheric transport of pollutants from lowlands m... Read More

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Sci. Total Environ.    

Evaluating climate change impacts on mountain lakes by applying the new silicification value to paleolimnological samples.

Kuefner W, Hofmann AM, Geist J, Raeder U

The evaluation of climate change impact on lakes typically relies on statistical methods like the reorganisation of organism communities (beta diversi... Read More

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Environ Int    

Study on the oxidation potential of the water-soluble components of ambient PM2.5 over Xi'an, China: Pollution levels, source apportionment and transport pathways.

Wang Y, Wang M, Li S, Sun H, Mu Z, Zhang L, Li Y, Chen Q

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are a class of substances that are of general concern in terms of human health and are used to represent the oxidation p... Read More

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Plant Sci.    

Responses of photosystem I compared with photosystem II to combination of heat stress and fluctuating light in tobacco leaves.

Tan SL, Yang YJ, Liu T, Zhang SB, Huang W

Moderate heat stress is usually accompanied with fluctuating light in summer. Although either heat stress or fluctuating light can cause photoinhibiti... Read More

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