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Pallavi Singh

Pallavi has completed her masters in Pharmacy from Vels University, Chennai. She has worked as a Scientific Content Writer and also as a Scientific Analyst. Her hobbies include exploring new drugs and inventions in the Pharma and medical fields. She is a certified singer and dancer, who also enjoys traveling.

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Nimotuzumab generic Nimotuzumab is a monoclonal antibody and an endothelial growth factor receptor (EGRF) antagonist. It also stimulates the immune system against the cancer cells. It is a targeted therapy used for the treatment of glioma (cancer in the brain and spinal cord), cancer of the head and neck , and nasopharyngeal cancer. It prevents the growth and spread of the cancer. The drug is approved for different cancers in different countries. It has received orphan drug status for the treatment of glioma in the United States and pancreatic cancer in the European Union.

Magnesium sulphate

Magnesium sulphate generic Magnesium sulphate is used to treat several conditions which include: Magnesium deficiency Constipation and preparation of the bowel before surgical procedures and colonoscopy for its laxative action which it brings about by increasing the water content of the intestines and stimulating intestinal movement. The laxative effect of magnesium sulphate is also useful in barium poisoning to reduce the absorption of barium from the digestive tract. Torsades de pointes, an abnormal heart rhythm Cerebral edema (fluid accumulation in the brain) Pre-eclampsia or eclampsia, conditions of high blood pressure during pregnancy that are associated with seizures. Magnesium sulphate helps to prevent and treat the seizures. Locally for boils and carbuncles on the skin.


Isopropamide generic Isopropamide is used for the treatment of peptic ulcer. It is also used for the treatment of other gastrointestinal disorders like nervous dyspepsia and irritable bowel syndrome along with trifluoperazine.


Mazindol(Sanorex) generic Mazindol, a drug used for the treatment of obesity along with lifestyle changes, is not currently available in the United States or the European Union for this purpose. It decreases the appetite and thereby the weight of a patient with a high body mass index. It has received an orphan drug status in the European Union for the treatment of narcolepsy , a condition that results in an irresistible desire to sleep.


Desaminooxytocin(Sanorex) generic Desaminooxytocin is used for the treatment of postpartum hemorrhage (excessive bleeding following delivery of the baby), to induce and augment labor and promote lactation.