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Kathy511 - United States9/19/2018
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I would like to do the test.. Please let me know where can I do this test in India
Anoop - India9/1/2017
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suzzanscott - United States9/13/2016
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my aec is 670. how much it serious? wat to do? how can i recover from this?
sugu1991 - India9/9/2015
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sandeep199118 - India9/7/2015
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My absolute eosinophils count is 540/cu.m.m. Total leucocytes count is 11,200/cu. m. m. What does this. Indicates. Pls. Advice
Aroongg - India8/15/2015
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my aec is 650 cu/mm . i have cold and Sneeze continuous . Can my aec is normal? is it a serious for me ?
kundanpsd - India8/7/2015
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Can flesh eating disease cause low blood cell count?
Liz123 - United States6/2/2015
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My PCV is 39.1% . I am 49 years male . What should be done to get it in normal range ?
Ajai_15 - India1/25/2015
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To whom it my concern: Dear sir/madam, my name is Enrico, last week I had a blood test result and it shows that my Urea is 1.5 high then normal, so is my GGT 77, T- Protein 83, Globulin 49, ferritin 658. Can you please explain to me what that means and how can they be controlled and what Kind of complication if any I' am dealing with?, Dear Sir/m, I' am asking you because my doctor reaction was and I quote, do not worry so much it is only a little high that all he said, to me is not very satisfactory answer, please tell me if my assumption are wrong thinking the way I do? I remain in attendance for you reply, in the mean time, thank you for listening kind regards Enrico
enrico - Australia11/17/2014
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