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Skincare Tips for Darker Skin Types

Skincare Tips for Darker Skin Types

Last Updated on Nov 11, 2016
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Ways to Take Care of Darker Skin

India is a diverse land with a plethora of languages, cultures, music and food. This is also apparent with the spectrum of skin shades among Indians, ranging from chocolate brown to porcelain white skin. As is the case almost everywhere in the world, skin complexion is tagged with beauty in the most illogical ways; deeming lighter skin tones to be desirable and terming darker complexions as ugly.


The truth is that each skin tone is unique and beautiful in its own way. Often, the focus is on how to achieve a lighter skin tone or get rid of dark spots, but this article will give you handy beauty and make up tips for dark skin.

Skincare Tips for Darker Skin Types

Regimen for Healthy Skin

Follow this simple skin care routine for glowing wheatish to dark skin types:

  • Exfoliation: This is an important tip to maintain beautiful and youthful skin. This process involves the removal of the upper layer of dead skin cells and thereby revealing the underlying new skin cells. The use of natural ingredients for exfoliation scrub is more preferable as it is gentle on the face. Make a scrub with olive oil and sugar to remove dead cells as well as blackheads. Massage the face with this mix once in 2 weeks for desirable results. Avoid using mechanical exfoliation techniques (like loofahs) as they might irritate your skin. Dark skin is especially prone to pigmentation on irritation and this could result in spots.
  • Skin Toner: Toners are an excellent example of how minimum effort can still offer a favorable outcome. Clean your skin with a toner at the end of the day to clean excess oil and lighten any spots caused by acne. Curd is an excellent natural toner that will also aid in skin lightening.
  • Face Mask: A homemade face mask is one of the best beauty treatments for dark skin. Take bananas and egg white and mix them in 1:2 ratio to obtain a thick paste. Apply this on the face for 15 minutes and rinse with luke warm water to give you radiant dark skin. Use this face mask on a weekly basis for best results.
Homemade Face Masks for Dark Skin
  • Peels: Peels are another relaxing method to moisturize your skin and close the pores. When they are applied on the skin it eliminates the† debris and dead skin cells.† A light chemical-based peel, with medium depth would be best suited for dark skin complexion. Deep peels should not be self-administered, seek a dermatologist for the same.
  • Use Sunscreen: Most people believe that people with a dark complexion do not need to use a sunscreen. This is a myth. Sunscreen is important for all skin types. It not only protects the skin from tanning but also prevent the skin cells from turning cancerous. Always apply sunscreen before stepping out, regardless of oneís skin tone. Another tip is to limit the sun exposure. Avoid outdoor activities between 10am and 3pm.

Make-up Tips for Dark Skin

  • Eyes: The safest and best bet is to stick with earthy colors. So for daytime, use a black, gray or brown eye liner. The use of darker shades of eyeshadow will only complement your natural complexion. Coat your eyelids with multiple layers of mascara for a bold and definitive look. On special occasions, one can try blue, green or purple eyeliners or eye shadow and look like a glam doll.
  • Lips: It is preferable to use matte lipsticks rather than lipsticks with a frosty finish or gloss. It is imperative to choose a lipstick to compliment your skin tone. The most popular choices include beige, brown, cocoa, mocha, plums and wine.
  • Foundation: Since, the foundation forms the base for your make up, it is extremely important to choose the right kind. Avoid powder foundations as they tend to stand out on dusky skin and give a grayish appearance. Choose a water-based foundation that is closest to your natural skin shade (and not lighter). Make-up is easily seen on dark skin and hence it should be well blended to form a natural look.
  • Powder: Women of color need to be careful while choosing face powder.† Select a setting powder, closest to your own skin shade and use it at the end to balance the look and avoid a shiny-oily face.
Make Up Tips for Dark Skin

Dusky skin requires a different set of make-up in order to complement the skin tone. But at the same time, do not be skeptical to try out bold colors and styles. With the right attitude you can carry off any look and be envied by all.


Other Tips for Dark Skin

Nutrition is an important factor for a healthy skin. A well-balanced diet with plenty of antioxidants can make your skin look ravishing. Some dietary supplements that could also aid in healthy glowing skin are Vitamin A, C, E, K and B Complex. Also drink sufficient water to lessen the occurrence of acne.

Acne is fairly common in people blessed with dark skin. Acne treatment for black skin includes use of toners to clean pores and also reduce the presence of dark spots. Use scrubs to prevent the transformation of black and white heads into pimples. It is better to prevent acne than to treat it. Maintain the right diet with less intake of oily food and use a cleanser to keep pores open and clear. The formation of pimples result in the production of more melanin (pigment in the skin) and these results in hyperpigmentation.

Unique black skin problems include melasma that is more commonly found in women. Melasma is a pigmentation anomaly in which areas of the face like cheeks, forehead and upper lips are affected by dark spots. The treatment involves the use of chemical peels as directed by a dermatologist.

Dark complexioned people normally have thicker black obstinate hair that makes it hard to remove. The tendency for in growths to form is also higher for such people. Waxing, shaving and hair removal creams most often cause bumps (hair gets curled under the skin) or dark spots and the most effective hair removal technique is laser. However, if you cannot afford laser treatment, the next best option would be to shave as waxing and epilating result in a traumatic experience for the skin and cause pigmentation over time.

OPT Laser Treatment for Facial Hair Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I go to for darker skin types?

You should visit a dermatologist.


2. What is a good SPF for dark skin?

An SPF 15 will provide adequate protection from the sunís harmful ultraviolet rays.

3. What hair colors would you recommend for a dark skin tone?

Darker hair colors would be best for a dark skin tone ranging from black to mochas.

4. What causes acne?

The skin cells secrete oil† to lubricate hair and skin. Acne is caused when a hair follicle become plugged with oil or dead skin cells.

5. How do I find out my skin type?

There are three major types of skin-normal, oily and dry. Dry skin is characteristic of flaky skin. Oily skin has a greasy look and normal skin is the one which is neither flaky nor greasy.

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