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How to Get Long, Thick, Curly Lashes?

Last Updated on May 28, 2015
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How to Get Long Eye Lashes?

While there are tons of products for hair and skin, many of which actually work as intended, the same canít be said when it comes to products for your eye lashes. What most of us fail to realize is that taking care of those lashes is even more important than attempting to curl them or make them look longer. If you do lose those lashes, there will be nothing much that you can do. Find out how to care for your eye lashes, encourage their growth and make them thicker or at least appear to be longer in a manner thatís safe.


Here are some helpful tips that should teach you to get long eye lashes naturally or with over the counter products. Be cautious when using cosmetic products as damage to the eye lashes can impair growth and even reduce the length of your lashes!

Cleansing and Hygiene

Hygiene is always at the top of any good list and itís certainly the most important step towards getting those long lashes. Make sure you always wash your face thoroughly and cleanse the eye areas before you go to bed. Take extra time over the eyes, especially if youíve had makeup on during the day. Mascara that is not removed can actually cause your eye lashes to break or droop with the weight. Just make sure that you donít rub your eyes as thatís one surefire way to break or even remove some lashes.

Makeup Removers

You canít really do Ďa cleanseí after using makeup without having a trusty makeup remover. Make sure that you use one that is meant specifically for eye makeup and if you use a waterproof mascara, get one that works for waterproof mascara as well. As a near universal rule, oil-based makeup removers should be pretty effective at getting rid of waterproof makeup. As mentioned above, never rub your eyes or lashes, instead just massage the remover in gently or use cotton swabs soaked in the remover to get rid of the makeup.

Makeup Removers


Just as you use moisturizers and conditioners on your hair and skin, your eye lashes need some special care as well. You can use Vaseline or petroleum jelly on your eye lashes. You can apply it to your lashes just as you would mascara or use a cotton swab or your fingers, assuming you just washed your hands. Both products work on your lashes just as conditioners work for your hair. When applying them however, take care to wipe off any excess Vaseline or petroleum jelly that is left behind. Almond oil is another popular natural alternative that you can use.


Lash Serum

If you donít already use a lash serum but have been obsessing over your lashes itís time to head down to the beauty store. While the safety and efficacy of most of these cosmetic products is yet to be thoroughly investigated, most beauticians claim that lash serums are the solution to every eye lash problem. Most of these serums simply need to be applied to the eye lashes like a liquid eyeliner and they can even be used beneath your make up. Marketers claim that they help strengthen the lashes and even encourage growth. Some serums contain peptides that are known to encourage follicle growth. Serums containing bimatoprost may be the best option as clinical trials have found the compound that safely and effectively promotes natural growth that make eye lashes appear thicker, longer and darker!


Almost everyone has heard of biotin and many have come to regard it as a miracle cure for the nails and hair. It is no miracle cure, but it certainly works to strengthen the nails and hair, and yes, the eye lashes as well.

Choosing your Mascara

If youíre lucky enough to have found the perfect mascara, half your battle is already won. For everyone else, the key to finding a mascara is to figure out first what you want from it. Figure out if you need a mascara that adds volume or one that defines and separates or one that lengthens the lashes. Waterproof mascara may be a life saver under certain circumstances, but itís one eye product that you should use as sparingly as possible. While itís useful for occasions like farewells, the prom night and probably for a rainy day, regular usage of mascara can cause damage to the lashes.

Choosing Your Mascara

Applying Mascara

If you must use makeup, make sure you get it right. While you can get long eye lashes with mascara, itís important that they stand out in a good way. Ideally, mascara should be applied in layers, with around 4 to5 coats being optimal. Always make sure to wait for the first coat to dry completely before you begin to apply the second coat. If youíre too impatient it could result in clumping and flaking. To make your lashes appear even longer you could even apply the second layer just to the tips of your lashes.


Yes, eye lashes do require primers as well; it isnít just your face that needs a primer before lathering on the makeup. Primers are useful because they prevent drying, especially if the mascara you use has a drying effect. As an added, lash primers are generally sold as a white liquid and in addition to preventing dryness; they also make your lashes look thicker and longer. Donít forget, when applying a lash primer, always start your coat at the base of the lashes and try to stick as close to the eyelid as you can, brushing in a zigzag pattern, moving upwards.

Fake It

If all else fails, fake it! It certainly doesnít hurt to use extensions and today itís possible to get the most natural looking extensions. Eye lash extensions are all the rage with beauticians and celebrities swearing by them. Itís important that you donít compromise on quality and opt for the cheapest extensions, however, as these are likely to be low quality and will probably look fake. The next most important thing to keep in mind is that simply spending a lot on your extensions doesnít guarantee that they will look great on you. Find a good beautician because eye lash extensions need to be applied perfectly to give you natural looking luscious lashes. In addition, you could also experiment with false eye lashes occasionally and could even consider getting permanent eye lash extensions.

False Eye Lashes

Caution when Curling

Curling your eye lashes is another popular technique to make them look longer, but is important that you use a good quality curler to avoid causing damage to your lashes. Be careful not to pinch your skin or pull the eye lashes when youíre using the curler. To avoid any infections, make it a point to clean your curler thoroughly before each use and try to replace every couple of months.

Treat with Care

Never tug at your eye lashes, no matter what youíre doing. If you have a tendency to pluck at your eye lashes when nervous, make it a point to apply Vaseline to them so that your fingers canít get a grip. When you hit the sack, itís best to avoid sleeping face down as burying your face in your pillow or mattress can cause the eye lashes to bend or even break.


Eat Healthy

Just as your nutrition affects the quality of hair on your head, it also affects the health of your lashes. Hair tends to be brittle and dry in the absence of proper nutrition. Dietary deficiencies may weaken the follicles and could also impair the growth of your eye lashes. Weak lashes are also more susceptible to damage. Find out if you have any nutritional deficiencies and consult a nutritionist for recommended dietary changes and supplements.

Nutritional Deficiency Affects Hair

Things to Avoid

Thereís a saying that too much of a good thing can be bad and this is certainly the case with almost all beauty products. Mascara is no exception and if youíre in the habit of using mascara on a daily basis you need to give it a break from time to time. Excessive use of mascara is known to stunt the growth of your eye lashes and it could therefore be counterproductive. Fake eye lashes may fun on occasion, but itís best to avoid using them as far as possible. The adhesive used in fake eye lashes is believed to be harmful and can permanently affect eye lash growth.

Most importantly, try not to fret too much over your eyelashes and appearance, because crying necessitates eye-rubbing and as mentioned earlier, this will severely impede your goal of getting those long lashes!

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