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Hair Highlights

Written by Lari Warjri, B.A. | Article Reviewed by The Medindia Medical Review Team on Oct 11, 2014
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Hair highlighting refers to coloring or bleaching of a person’s hair or strands using a hair color or lightener. The process involves by applying color to the hair that has been separated using applicator brush. Highlighted hair comes in all kinds of shades and styles that add an instant change of look to the person’s natural hair. Hair highlights come in four categories: temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent. The right kind of hair highlights can help rejuvenate the texture, shades and looks of a person’s hair.


Hair Highlights Tip

Hair highlighting should be done correctly in order to make your hair look more attractive. The following are some tips that will guide you to highlight your hair in a right way:

1. Buy a good quality hair color product

There are numerous hair color products in the market that comes in different flavors and ingredients. Purchase a hair color product from a beauty supply store or at least from a drug store or supermarket. Check the expiration date to make sure that the product is still usable and make sure that the package has not been damaged. While selecting a hair color product always go for a color that is lighter or darker than the rest of your hair, so that the contrast will beautifully radiate.

Hair Highlights Tip: Buy a good quality hair color product

2. Directions should be read and follow carefully

Read the directions thoroughly before using the hair highlight product and be sure that you understand how to do it. The direction for applying hair highlights can differ from one product to another, hence make sure that the person who helps you apply hair highlights also reads the instructions and follows them well.


3. Color tests is a must to perform

Most of the hair color kits recommend two types of tests before applying the hair highlighting product. Firstly the test is to check whether the hair color comes out well. The second test is to check whether the hair color suits your skin, as sometimes after applying the hair color it can lead to skin problems like redness, itching or burning sensation. In this case avoid using the product as it might lead to serious reactions on your hair as well.

4. Wash your hair a day or two before you plan to apply highlights

Taking a head bath the day you plan to highlight your hair can leave your scalp vulnerable to the chemicals in the highlighting products, which can later affect your scalp. Hence avoid washing your hair on the same day you apply hair color, and also keep away from hair sprays or any other hair products

Hair Highlights Tip: Hair wash

5. Use appropriate materials and tools

Before applying the highlights make sure that you gather all the material and tools like gloves, shower cap, hair color brush, towel, old rugs, comb and some water in a bowl. Set aside the materials and tools so that it will be easy to grab the things whenever it’s needed.


6. Get your streak done the right way

To get your streak done the right way make sure that you part your hair carefully so that you can clearly see before applying the highlight on the hair. There are different types of style to highlight your hair like dip dyed, multi-dimensional, frosted, thin highlights and so on.

7. Relax yourself

After you are done applying hair color, set a timer and relax yourself. Do not rush to wash your hair, be patient and wait till the timer goes off, until then you can go for a hair wash. You can read a book, buff your nail or do something or the other to occupy yourself while you’re waiting.

Hair Highlights Tip: Relax yourself

8. Take care of your highlighted hair

Hair highlighting does make your hair look amazing, but one should also know that the chemicals present in the hair color mixture can lead to hair fall or dry hair if you don’t take proper care of your hair. Be sure to completely rinse your hair with cold water once the timer goes off, and then wash your entire head thoroughly using shampoo and conditioner products designed for color- treated hair. Continue to take good care of your hair daily to prevent from hair damage.


Types of Hair Highlights

There are several types of highlights, and they come in a wide range of colors. The following are the types of hair highlights that can help your hair look trendy and vibrant.

1. Chunky highlights

Chunks are thick highlights for brighten dull, lackluster hair. This highlight involves coloring one to three inch thick strands of hair in dark bold shades.

2. Thin highlights

This highlight is used for coloring few strands of hair at a time to enhance the color of your natural hair. Thin highlights help to add meaning to thin lifeless hair.

3. Frosted highlights

Frosted highlights involve adding different shades of blond to a natural hair color. This highlight goes well with naturally short brunette hair styles.

4. Multi-dimensional highlights

This highlight involves using more than one hair color to highlight hair. The different hair highlights color should go along well and also suits your natural hair color. Multi-dimensional highlights give a soft feminine appearance.

5. Dip dyed highlights

Dip dyed hair highlights is when only the end tip of your hair are dyed in bold color. This hair highlight will give a good appearance throughout the year.

Hair Highlights Types: Dip dyed highlights

6. Balayage highlights

The word ‘Balayage’ means ‘sweep’ and is a natural-looking form of highlights. The method involves applying of the hair color in a sweeping pattern on the roots randomly that gives a natural looking highlight.

7. Shocking fuchsia

This type of hair highlight involves using high contrast colors like unnatural or bold streaks that adds an instant drama and daring look. You can also use bold colors in the same style as other highlights, like chunky stripes, to get that best hair effect.

8. Under placement

This highlight involves placing of the highlighted hair underneath the bulk of your hair. This hair style can help you get an edgy and stunning look.

Hair Highlights Types: Under placement

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Bechbumnana, Canada

I take medicine, highlighting damages my hair. Is there a special solution that should be used for people who take medicine?

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