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Beauty Issues that Reveal Underlying Health Problems

Last Updated on Feb 26, 2016
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It is not common to find a connection between beauty and health, but it has always been there in some form or the other. External beauty of our body is how our skin, hair, nails and face present an appealing effect to the world. Beauty issues are not always a result of erroneous cosmetic usage or not caring enough of your exterior personality. Even a constant beauty problem like acne and hair fall can be an indirect indication of an underlying health problem, which needs to be addressed.


Our body has certain external signaling mechanisms in place, which indicate health problems via changes in skin, hair and body weight. It is important to understand those occurring changes and act accordingly to cure the causal health issue. Here are some common beauty issues that are actually due to an inner health concern.

Acne: Acne and pimples are very common among adolescents and adults, usually caused due to oil and dirt. Sometimes a new cosmetic product or using an unclean face towel may result in breakouts on your face. But observing severe acne can be a result of hormonal imbalance, gastritis and stress.

Acne on the Chin: If you see regular breakouts on the chin, then something might be going wrong with hormone levels in your body. Menstrual imbalance, pregnancy or any other hormonal change in the body can be revealed through acne on chin. Stress and working under pressure can also result in raging stress hormones that cause acne on face. Consult a gynecologist to confirm any such health problems.

Acne on the Chin

Acne on Forehead: Pimples and rashes on the forehead can be irritating and painful. A major cause behind these breakouts is improper digestion. Alcohol, unbalanced diet, oily and spicy food can cause malfunctioning of the digestive system affecting the working of liver and kidneys. This results in acne on forehead. Include fruits and fibers in your diet for healthy digestion. If you observe continuous acne on your face, then it is worth a mention to your doctor on the next visit.


Excessive Facial Hair: Some women have thick facial hair on the cheek, upper and under lip which is normal and possess no harm. While, sudden unusual hair growth on the face can be an alarming signal towards more important health issues. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) leads to excessive production of male hormones, androgens, in females as a result of which one can see excessive hair growth on the jaw line. Stress, genetic factors and increased body weight are the main reasons for developing PCOS.

A gynecologist can suggest oral hormone pills or contraceptive pills to maintain regular menstrual cycles and control raging androgens.

Hair Loss and Balding: Hair loss is a normal phenomenon occurring to most of us. It is troublesome only when one observes severe hair fall, thinning and patterned balding. This could be a symptom of many health problems such as extreme stress, medications for high blood pressure, malnutrition, hormonal changes and genetic factors. Chronic diseases like diabetes and immune disorders like Lupus disease can also be underlying culprits in thinning and shedding of hair. Factors such as stress could result in hair fall even months after being under stress.

Hair Loss and Balding

Patterned balding such as male pattern balding is a characteristic symptom in those suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Such symptoms should not be mistaken for normal hair fall but must be consulted with a doctor at the earliest. Balanced meals, proper exercise and using herbal hair products could help heal this issue.

Brittle, Pale Nails: Brittle, corrugated, pale nails or nails having spots are a signal towards an unhealthy body. If you observe corrugated and often breaking of nail, then it is important to pay attention to your diet. Anemia could be the reason behind this. One must not overlook this symptom and should consult a doctor.

Nails normally appear as light pinkish hue, but sudden discoloration and paleness of nails can be worrying. Also, if you observe white spots on nails, then it is possibly because of Leukonychia which is a deficiency of certain vitamins like vitamin A and E or due to lack of important nutrients like iron and zinc.


If other symptoms such as red patches, pitted nails and unusual pattern lines are observed on nails, then it might be a result of chronic illnesses like kidney disorder, psoriasis and genetic diseases. See your doctor at the earliest if you observe any such uncanny signs.

Under Eye Dark Circles: Staying up till late or working for long hours on your laptop are reasons for under eye dark circles. But even after enough sleep if dark circles are observed, then they can be because of sleep apnea or sleep disorders. Fatigue, chronic disease, allergies, heredity, pigmentation irregularities or sun exposure can also cause under eye circles.

Under Eye Dark Circles

Patchy and Dry Skin: Painful and scaly dry patches on the skin for a long time can be a sign of a precancerous lesion known as Actinic keratosis. When left untreated, this could turn into squamous carcinoma that can be dangerous. One must consult a doctor if this phenomenon persists. Changes in skin color and pigmentation are also symptoms of skin diseases like dermatitis and eczema. Pale, yellowish skin can be a result of lack of sleep, improper diet and stress. Sometimes high blood pressure could cause sudden wrinkles on face and hands.

These changes in your face, skin and hair directly reflect an unhealthy body. Therefore, one must see a doctor at the earliest to make sure everything is okay.

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