Message from the President of ASHBPS

As the President of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery (ASHBPS), I have great pleasure to meet all of you at the seventh Congress of ASHBPS in Chennai, India, at the end of August 2003.

Since is inception in Bangkok, Thailand in 1991, the Asian Congress of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery has taken its place for presentation and discussion of the latest findings in the sciences of the liver, biliary tract and pancreas. As you are aware that many similar diseases in the HBP field are seen, such as biliary stones, HBP infections, hepatocellular carcinomas, and so on, in which the manifestations and subsequent therapy often differ from the way handled in western countries.

   Advancements in Asian medical practice and research in the HBP Surgery field are accomplished every day. Such great efforts have been made by members of medical science in each country. The Society is therefore founded with a view to letting Asian HBP specialists gather together to share their experience and ideas, and fostering mutual understandings. This meeting also encourages young colleagues to aspire to and achieve the scientific interests in actual practice and future medical care.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to the Local Organizing Committee for their exceptional good work in organizing this Congress. Our presence together in Chennai serves as a lasting bridge for future cooperation between surgeons in Asia. 

 I look forward to welcoming you in August in Chennai, in 2003 and a most successful event in exchanging our knowledge as well strengthening our friendship through this meeting.

Dr.Tadahiro Takada,M.D. F.A.C.S
President - Asian Society of Hepato-Billary-Pancreatic Surgery

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