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Self Assessment Health Calculator for Depression

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Depression is a common mental problem, which is currently on rise. Sadness is a human emotion and is a natural reaction to painful circumstances. 'Depression', on the other hand, is a physical illness.

Depression may affect anyone irrespective of age, background, lifestyle or nationality. 15% of people who are depressed commit suicide. Remember Depression is a treatable condition.

This self-assessment questionnaire adopted from the famous Zung Self Rating Depression Scale is a quick, simple and anonymous health tool to assess your level of depression. The result of the score will indicate if you need to seek medical help.

Depression- A Holistic Approach
/patients/lifestyleandwellness/holistic-management-for-depression.htm"> Depression is a common disorder that affects 121 million people worldwide and is responsible for almost 850,000 suicides annually. Early recognition of symptoms and signs of depression can help in taking a holistic approach to the management of depression….It is the illness of the 'whole body'…

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