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So everyone here commenting, are they actually reading the tips? You all are asking how to treat sunken eyes but not mention anything about attempting these remedies. Have you all tried these tips and they still haven't worked for you? Would be a great start for others with the right answers to know all the facts about you.
Ogba - United States7/9/2015
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Hi This is Rakesh I have the same issue and sunken eyes does make you feel weird. please suggest some remedy. Would wearing plain specs help
somm1 - India7/25/2013
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hi this is anju n i have sucken eyes since my 6th standard n now i'm 19 year old so can u tell me how to deal with it with any medicine or cream which is available in market.. plzzz help me i required this plzz...
anjur - India2/16/2012
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hi, i m 23 years old and i wear specs..because of wearing specs my eyes are deepen ...can any plz suggest some remedies
saranyainfi - India9/14/2011
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See if you have thyroid illness, first ask a doctor. I have deep sunken eyes and it is from thyroid illness.
If if happens suddenly it could be a medical reason.
Other home remedies are to put a raw potatoe slice on your eye for 15 minutes. And make sure you're getting enough water.
Pineapple juice, drinking it can help
In the meantime, try to smile, use concealer and remember that you're beautiful!
Rocsi - United States6/11/2010
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I am a female 41 years old and I have noticed that I have deep sunken eyes at around the age of 17 it lowers my self esteem and I feel uncomfortable for people to look in my face, I think it makes me look terribly ugly. I have three sons and my eldest son also has the sunken eyes, I feel terrible for him as he says that children often teased him at school about his eyes. I will definetely try the tips offered above for me and my son. Thanks!
sanking - Jamaica12/30/2009
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