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the symptoms are these:
High-grade fever.
Severe headache.
Severe joint and muscle pain.
there are also some natural cure as papaya leaves,vegetable and fruit juices etc..
preethi.. - India11/7/2012
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I believe strongly in homeopathy and I witnessed it when I gave Kali Carb 1M to my wife at the time of labour pains when the doctor said ceaserine is inevitable as she is not having enough energy to push the child out and even there is no crowning. After a single dose of Kali Carb 1M it took just 15 min for my daughter to come out from her mother. Amazing !!! By CA.Deepak Solanki, Hospet Karnataka
Deepak1986 - India9/2/2012
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Very Nice Research.Thanks
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NidaMaheen - Pakistan10/12/2011
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I was suffering from Dengue fever from 1st sep. 2011, and Platelets counting is 135,000 on 5th Sep. 2011. I called my Homoeo Doctor Muhammad Afzal Farooqi, He suggested me single remedy "Staphysagria 30" with duration of every hour, I took it 3 days and then my platelets grown up to 222,000
(Tariq Jamil, Lahore)
rajputpark - Pakistan9/15/2011
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This is with reference to the comments made by kgbhat on 19th october, 2010. It was great master Dr. Hahnemann who pioneered the concept "vital force" nearly 200 years ago. This vital force can be redefined as immune system. Homeopathy believes in cure whereas allopathy supresses. The cure here is to completely annihilate the disease force not the transformation from one form of disease to another . Please let us not blame homeopathy but blame homeopaths for its failure.
AbhikDas - India11/2/2010
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in homeopathy never get biased by the symptoms & change medicine as symptoms changes. a close supervision is essential. recently i cured my son whose platelets have gone down to 93000 . within 2 days platelets gone up to 1.46 lacs.medicines used are ,EUPA.PERF 200, ARS.ALB 30, BRY.200, GELS 30 ALONG WITH ALO VERA JUICE & GILOY. DK OJHA, 9759648584
dkosai - India9/21/2010
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Dear sir its sad to know that some people without knowing the system of medicine denounce it out rightly check out affects of "China Off Q"and "Eparatorium pref30" administered in Luke warm water every 1/2 hrs in dengue and see the affects yourself i don't need to explain speedy recovery a patient shows which i feel there isn't present in any other form of medicine. i am a witness to complete cure of gall stones(calculi) in three days without any need of surgery and have many treated patients. only thing in this lightest form of medicine is that u require strict regimen which people generally overlook.
faransqi - India8/19/2010
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you resort to desperate methods like homeopathy you are in trouble.homeopathy is hardly science and that system doesn't believe in curing disease.they do not know anything about immune system since it is a concept developed by modern medicine.
kgbhat - India7/5/2009
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