Sweets are called 'Mishtanna' in Ayurveda. They should preferably be prepared with ghee. Sweet preparations balance Vata and Pitta and aggravate Kapha. They are heavy to digest. Sweets, prepared the ayurvedic way are nourishing, improve the dhatus, provides

strength and also act as aphrodisiacs. When taken in excess, they result in certain health conditions such as obesity, cardio- vascular disorders and diabetes.
  1. Atirasam
  2. Modakam
  3. Palala (Sesame balls)
  4. Laji (puffed rice balls)
  5. Almond cake
  6. Cashew balls
  7. Mung dal Payasam
  8. Pumpkin halva
  9. Deepavali lehyam
  10. Grta pooram (Poli)
  11. Panchamirdam
  12. Madhumastaka

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