Reflexology is an applied pressure therapy. This holistic healing therapy works on the principle, that each body part is represented on the feet and hands of an individual. The foot acts as a map of the entire body. By pressing specific areas called reflexes on the feet and hands, one can produce therapeutic effects in other parts of the body. When these areas are pressed they stimulate the flow of energy and release blockages.

Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that "vital energy" or "life force", flows and permeates the entire organs of the body, including every living cell and tissue. Subsequently, if this flow becomes impeded in the human body it is reflected on the hands and feet of the individual. Through the correct application of pressure the stagnated energy or "Chi" gets unblocked. It is believed that without the proper flow of energy, the body slowly starts to manifest disease.

A reflexologist can diagnose illness by feeling the feet or the hands. By stimulating the Reflex Areas and Reflex Zones (nerve endings) of the feet, the blockages are detected through the experience of pain or presence of crystal deposits. This is found to occur in parts of the foot and hands that relates to the corresponding body part that is imbalanced.
Feet Reflexology

A reflexologist by using specific massage and pressure techniques dissipates the problem. The science of reflexology helps to relieve ailments by encouraging the release of toxins, improve the working of circulatory and lymphatic systems, thereby helping the body to heal itself.

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