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  • Vata is cold; hence consumption of warm food is essential as it helps in digestion and also with the downward passage of vata.
  • Vata is dry, therefore unctuous food is beneficial as it helps in stimulating the digestion process, gives vigor to the body and sense faculties, and improves skin texture.
  • Vata is erratic hence food should be consumed only after the digestion of the previous meal. This helps to promote good digestion, appetite, proper expression of the natural urges and increases longevity of the person.
  • Foods that are incompatible should be avoided.
  • Avoid consumption of coffee or tea on an empty stomach. They create restlessness.
  • A light, warm, unctuous & nourishing food is suitable as breakfast for Vata type persons. They should not skip breakfast as they tend to be weak. Their breakfast should preferably be porridge- like and sweet.
  • Drinking warm milk with palm sugar and 5 ml of ghee at bedtime is very good for Vata
  • Eat at regular intervals. Try to follow the same mealtime daily.
  • Do not skip meals. This may further weaken your system.
  • Foods that are predominant in sweet, sour and salty taste and hot in potency should be taken
  • Eating food at the right place and the right time helps to reduce emotional strains.
  • Eating in a hurry or carelessly results in the food entering the wrong channels. This could lead to severe complications.
  • Eating extremely slowly does not give pleasure and impairs absorption.
  • Focus on the food while eating. Knowing about the benefits of food is necessary for good health.
  • Apart from this one also needs to avoid practice of a life style that is bad for one's well being.

Habits advised for people having vata constitution are
  • Taking a massage with warm sesame oil or mustard oil
  • Apply oil on your head ears & foot for sure. Fill your ears with oil for some time.
  • Gargle with sesame oil or ghee to prevent the dryness of the mouth & cracking of the lips.
  • Take a nice bath with hot water. It invigorates the body immediately. 
  • Application of green gram powder is advised during the bath. Avoid soaps, since it may produce dryness of the skin.
  • Sleeping during daytime is advised for vata, since the kapha produced during the day- sleep nourishes the body. 
  • Keep your self-warm. Avoid cold by wearing thick clothing. Wear a scarf to protect your ears and throat. Avoid long exposure to Air conditioners. 
  • Involve yourself in singing, dancing and Yogic Exercises
  • Since vata is erratic, to balance this nature of vata, make a regular routine for your life.

  • Evening stroll under moonlight 
  • Listen to good things and good music 
  • Avoid stress, worry and anxiety 
  • Chant mantras that are calming like, sham, vam and lam.
  • Go early to the bed.

Habits best avoided are-
  • Fasting- vata is already weak hence fasting will worsen the condition.
  • Eating in small quantities that are less than sufficient. This will also lead to lack of nourishment
  • Too much of worries, fear and anger. These emotions increase vata 
  • Excessive coitus. This will cause debility in vata individuals. 
  • Excessive talking and traveling. This will lead to further increases of vata and produce mental disturbances.
  • Purgation restricted. Since vata body is weak, purgation is not advisable. Laxatives may be given.

Submitted by: Dr. Gayatri ganesh B.A.M.S
Edited by: Dr. Reeja Tharu


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