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 Take bath in cold water twice a day. Taking an immersion bath in river, lake or tank in the daytime is very good to balance pitta.
 Avoid coffee or tea in the morning especially on an empty stomach. They may aggravate your pitta.
 Roam with a good friend who doesn’t control you, in pleasing places such as seashore, park, fountains & falls.
 Stay in a cool house.
 Spend time near water reservoirs.
 Enjoy the cool sea breeze.
 Swimming is very good for pitta.
 Spend more time in cold weather or living in a cool place.
 Drinking cold water / juice.
 Pitta people are advised to do mild exercises.
 Exercise to half of your capacity.
 Applying cold pack with mud or cloth dipped in water, wearing pleasant smelling flower necklace or pearl necklace or crystal necklace is advisable.
 Take sweet, cooling & mild purgatives such as Avipathy churnam, triphala churna or Grapes etc.
 Be exposed to and enjoy the cooling moonlight.
 Relieve your stress by hearing to the sweet voice of the child.
 Listen to pleasant music.
 Try reducing your short tempered nature by doing meditation.
 Chant cooling mantras such as vam, yam, lam and sham.
 Anoint your body with sandal wood paste, camphor, agaru (Aloes wood) & paste of other pleasant smelling & cooling herbs.
 Use of perfumes always is good for pitta.
 Take more melted gee in your diet.
 Taking 1 spoon of ghee with hot milk at 11 ‘o’ clock (pitta predominant time of the day) is very beneficial.
 Do not miss your meal as the tikshna agni (the sharp digestive fire) of pitta will start digesting the tissues & cause debility.
 More foods predominant in sweet, bitter & astringent tastes should be taken.
 Food with contradictory potencies should be avoided.
 Eating food at the right position and the right time helps to decrease emotional strains.
 Eating in a rush or eating carelessly results in the food entering the erroneous passage. This gives rise to consequences that cause severe complications.
 Food should be eaten meditatively.
 Knowledge of the benefits of food is necessary for good health. Apart from this one also needs to follow a restricted life or at least avoid practices that are bad for one's well-being.

Habits not advisable and hence best avoided are:
 Usage of heater.
 Roaming out during summer season.
 Riding on animals.
 Excessive walking in hot weather.
 Taking foods that are pungent, sour and salty in taste.
 Excessive stress.
 Emotions like anger and hatred.

Avipathy churnam – It is an Ayurvedic herbal medicine used for mild purgation & to treat pitta diseases.
Triphala churna – powder of three myrobalans

Submitted by: Dr. Gayatri Ganesh B.A.M.S
Edited by: Dr. Reeja Tharu

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