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How obesity affects a person:

When a person suffers from excess weight, the process of breathing is affected, which slows down agile physical movements. An obese person is also likely to suffer diseases like blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc.

Obese persons also suffer emotionally and show withdrawal symptoms i.e., they are usually shy to show themselves up. They also suffer abnormal hunger pangs and seem to be consumed with thoughts of food. Laziness and indolence becomes their second nature.

Yoga to the rescue of the obese

Yoga is an age-old system of healing that seeks to restore imbalances in the body, mind and soul. Yoga practices help in energizing the body, which has been in an inactive mode due to obesity. Importantly, yoga helps in cleansing the body of toxins and reduces fatigue. Asanas or yoga postures help to burn up excess fat, improve metabolism, tone up muscles and help the practitioner enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


Breathing exercises or pranayama calms the mind, and promotes mental alertness. When pranayama is performed, craving for food stops and a person begins to enjoy a normal appetite. Additionally, the practitioner begins to develop a positive mental attitude, and is able to face life with renewed hope and confidence.


Meditation is an important step in achieving inner balance and tranquility. The practitioner experiences inner silence, when he connects with the divinity within.

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esaivani86, India

it is very interesting one. i know more details about that obesity. i send this details to my frnds also. thanking you

raghu74, India

It is very true that in over eating, the person is never really enjoying even a morsel of food.However yoga never focuses initially on how much to eat or what to eat .Yoga simply makes the person more aware and become sensitive to the natural rythms of the body, so much so that , the practitioner realises that food is no more a compulsion but a necessity. one actually,sponataneously accepts the right quantity of food without any fretting.