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Rhythmical Breathing

Regular breathing brings about balance in the body, by calming the mind. It is said that he who has calm nerves, has a calm mind too. Pranayama helps in controlling the breath. Ideally, pranayama should be practiced without being in a hurry with adequate focus on the breath.


  1. Inhale through both nostrils to a count of 4.

  2. The breath should be retained for a count of 8.

  3. Exhale the breath through both the nostrils to a count of 4.

  4. Retain the breath outside or remain without breath for a count of 8.

Pranayama is easy to practice, and helps an obese person to develop the will power to control excessive eating.


When a person empties the mind of restless thoughts and turns the mind to the divine within, is the essence of meditation. Prayer, chanting or being absorbed in soulful spiritual music can accompany the period of meditation to induce relaxation.

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esaivani86, India

it is very interesting one. i know more details about that obesity. i send this details to my frnds also. thanking you

raghu74, India

It is very true that in over eating, the person is never really enjoying even a morsel of food.However yoga never focuses initially on how much to eat or what to eat .Yoga simply makes the person more aware and become sensitive to the natural rythms of the body, so much so that , the practitioner realises that food is no more a compulsion but a necessity. one actually,sponataneously accepts the right quantity of food without any fretting.