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Its January 10th 2014 and I'm spending my first night at home after my septoplasty.definitely not the best feeling in the world right now however finding out that the prescriptions I was given may have something to do with the way I feel. As I read one of the stories below, the woman with the 17 year old. I realize this is about 550ish days late and a bunch of dollars short. I'm feeling similar and I've cut back on the prednisone and this is totally reducing the spinning feeling. They prescribed anywhere from 2 to 10 mls and I started with the max. This was a mistake. I cut that in half and kept going with the antibiotic. Feeling a lot better now. Iguess the lesson here is. If the pain meds are making you feel terrible try adjusting them or changing to something else. Im not a dr. Nor could I ever afford to be one but hey some advice on this page and issue is better than nothing. Ill check back for any other opinions tomorrow
thetruthwillsettheliesonfire - United States1/10/2014
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i am 54 years lady at present i have an incisional Hernia, 4 years back i had undergone operation uterus removing whether immediate surgery is required but i don't have any pain
murugu123 - India12/11/2013
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Some hospital they don't want to wait a women labor pain for long hours, so they suggest every woman for c-section, coz of short time more money, don't you think it's wrong? so hospital start with money business in delivery now.
cliff - India9/22/2013
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I had turp 10 days back,I am feeling lot of pain while initiating urination and the flow is nod adequate,Nocturnal urinatio is frequent,can some body who has undergone this proceedure guide me,Thanks, P.Lal
plal68 - India9/14/2013
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Still pt are not allow c section in rural area of gujarat, they think this is only for dr. earning. Government should take some initiation about educating rural people, so dr in rural area can work smoothly for patients benefit.
kanu73 - India8/31/2013
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How long do you have to wait to have sex?
yoge13 - India8/13/2013
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how long is healing period for lap band surgery
tammy6 - United States7/26/2013
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How long do you have to wait to have sex?
Red50 - Canada7/13/2013
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Is there any chance for pregnant after tubectomy done.plz give ur valuble suggesations.
sat_10 - India6/24/2013
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My dad is 81 years old and suffered fracture of femoral neck, operated and metal rod (all along the femur) and screws were used to stabilise and treatment. After 5 months there is no pain or discomfort. But what should be done so that he starts walking again. He is constantly cared by a nurse and legs receive daily massage and they seem to have improved along with strengthening excercises. But my dad is reluctant to try more efforts and try walking even with 'walker' support and us around him to help.
Does he need psychological analysis and help to overcome his reluctance?
rajur - India6/18/2013
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