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How long do you have to wait to have sex?
Red50 - Canada7/13/2013
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Is there any chance for pregnant after tubectomy done.plz give ur valuble suggesations.
sat_10 - India6/24/2013
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My dad is 81 years old and suffered fracture of femoral neck, operated and metal rod (all along the femur) and screws were used to stabilise and treatment. After 5 months there is no pain or discomfort. But what should be done so that he starts walking again. He is constantly cared by a nurse and legs receive daily massage and they seem to have improved along with strengthening excercises. But my dad is reluctant to try more efforts and try walking even with 'walker' support and us around him to help.
Does he need psychological analysis and help to overcome his reluctance?
rajur - India6/18/2013
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im post d/c im heaving pain and cramps i dont know whats going it looks like im having post partum blues i fell ike im alone
jm711 - United States3/7/2013
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what is protacal dose of oxicodone one week after surgery
harry777 - United States3/7/2013
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dear sir i have sperm count less than 1 million as i have varicocele problem also, should i go for varicocele surgery first before going for IVF. please suggest....
nileshdani - India3/5/2013
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is there any chance to become pregnant after tubectomy done.
npah.ata - India2/5/2013
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10 days Post op from ingiunal repair recurrence and femoral hernia repair (same side). Cement Twinkie at the surgery site. Anyone? I am a 42 y/o female.
Sarahsue - United States2/4/2013
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is there any chance of becoming pregnant after tubectomy Tubal Sterilization i knew that it is a permanent method of contraception. if there is any chance pls help me with it i will be very thankful for ur guidance. my email id

ksk21 - India2/2/2013
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HELLO im mark 23yrs old i got hernia sugery 1 year ago and after that i had been felt that there is somethng in my testicle but doctor diagnose me that i have a little bit varicocele.
markylouie - Philippines1/28/2013
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