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Should medical education in India (UG & PG) be overhauled?

Yes : 73%

No : 22%

Not sure : 5%

Yes : 182   No : 55   Not sure : 12   

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1. Should commercial surrogacy be encouraged?

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2. Why do we tend to experience daydreams?

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3. What do you think is the major cause for fracture?

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2. Which is the best method to effectively control Diabetes?

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Oral Medications : 0%

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3. How does the pink eye spread?

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Viruses : 38%

Chemical agents or pollens : 0%

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yes the system should be more practical oriented than of theory, the faculty should also be scanned properly in terms of knowledge, during the internship the student should be sent in rotation to the best hospitals of the state, so that he may interact with different top notch doctors with variety and depth of experience,and during this rotation he can very well understand that superspeciality doctors do some thing differently that is whay they are superspeciality doctors.internship should be of 18 months.and every academic year should be of 1 yr each during ug.and pg needs to be more intensified and purpose oriented.with stipend should be revised
drhomoeopathy  Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Y E S ! [ I am 1950 MBBS Madras Med College.]For UG:1. have uniform all Ind exams like the ECFMG for each subject, irrespective of the Qualifications and quality of the teachers and the college / university studied at.2.Make Med Dictionary compulsary for each students home/hostel desk. 3.Follow the USA model, 12 + 4 + 4 + rotating internship 1 = 21 yrs total for automatic license.#Followed by one year at jungle/ village/ rural Health Center. 4.Emphasize 100% Basic surgery ,obs,ophthalmoscope,steth,natural powers of the body,XRays, Dermatology, and gen check-up. 5. Donot jumble up with other systems of treatments. 6.Admit to PG only after 5 yrs after License, serving the gen public as a primary care doctor.in Govt. or Private. 7. Prohibit changes in the base curriculum by brilliant schemers.8.Post to work w the patients even from the very first day at the school.9 Format the studies to sync with the illnesses and the treatments.10. Allow Sc graduates apprentices under competent practitioners, but license only after all the exams and the rottng internship.# dont laff at me a dr since 1951.I have seen 5 yrs in Vietnam war. 25 yrs in Village.8 yrs in Zambia as med.sup of mansa gen hosp.12 yrs in tribal and desolate areas .Now into HIV Hospice pilot project in VskpmCity.
pradhangeorge  Monday, November 02, 2009
With the increasing number of private colleges,the quality of medical education has been a ?, especailly with dental colleges increasing in number like arts college in states like Tamilnadu, karnataka etc., Their quality is totally lost and the officials have to take some steps soon.
abhu30  Saturday, October 10, 2009

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