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i am 23 years old. i am suffering from my 1st menstruation and still now. but i know the disease when i am 15 years. i can't control my self. so many person take this my weakness. how can i save myself? any treatment of this? please help me.
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i am 84 years old and i think i have this. at least once a day i must go into the bathroom, ball up some toilet paper, wet it and shove it into my vagina and rub all around. i orgasm at least two or three times from this. sometimes i do it in the shower with my hands but most of the time with tissues. when i get the urge and people are at my house it is embarassing because i cannot be quiet and do this. it takes everything i have not to moan out. it just feeels so good and i cannot stop. any advice?
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Hi all, Im 26, married. I have this and have had it ever since I can remember. Its not as badbas some of yours. My worry and my question is will it get passed to my children? I counldnt stand them suffering the way I did and am. please reply. Thanks.
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Hi im 28 and have two kids and have been worried incase ive passed it onto them. Ive had psas since 5yrs old :( would hate for my boys to go through what im going through. Feel almost at breaking point that i cant take no more :(
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It started with me when I was a teenager around 13 yrs ago. As everyone thought that may be it's a teenage phase and it will become normal with the age. However for past 13 yes instead of subsiding it is just become even more pronounced and intense.I remember I would just lock myself in a room and just weep and pray all the time.Gradually after years of such futile exercises I had just resigned to my fate.I really don't wanna with is PSAS for my whole. I can't tell about this to anyone at he for fear of embarrassment not even to my friends.I really sick and tired of this.Through my deep observation I have found that in my vase there is point in brain close to medula oblongetta that becomes unduly excited and starts sending down Sensations all across genitals.Some times I would be feeling need to have sex multiple times. Its like if I don't release it then I might just explode out of sheer pressure. I some times feel that marriage might not be as feasible option for me to try as where my spouse unable to understand would just brand me a sex addict or sex fiend and will just divorse me.I don't feel that I m ready to live a double life. I guess the onlyboption for me is to find someone like myself who would understand me and sympathize with me instead of just mocking me rather than just lead a traumatic sex crazy life. After all I don't wanna live and grow old alone ,lonely and sad
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Hey Sammy, you needn't feel so miserable about yourself. There are numerous young men in the world who are going through the same phase. With time, this problem hopefully would disappear.
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This just recently started a week ago. Ever since then I have had the tingling and sensations spoken about. The first time was the worst. I felt the need to masterbate because I am alone. I did and stopped and asked God to forgive me that I will never do it again. But I sufered all night until I assed out. I had an orgasm every 2 to 3 seconds from around 2 am until I passed out. It be stopped, and I could hardly walk. I tried ice packs that stimulated me more. trying to hold it with my hand didn't work. I can't tell you how many orgasms I had. Has anyone of an adult, church going age questioned familiar spirits. I noticed a few christian comments. Gallatians 5 does talk about this. I could be more specific, but I a fact finding now. Some of these men have abilities that control women in this manner.
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Today I was doing hands off masturbation wherw o would ty to have an ogasm and I kept sayong my hole is innocent...evenutally while while I was trying to orgasm I felt this odd feeling it was uncomfortable..and then I startes having pain.. Eventually I thought maybe irs blue balls for women...so I letmy vagina move and do its thing.I felt some relief but the pressurw feeling and almosy unctontrollable feelings coontinued...I rubbed my clitoris to orgasm too using the excuse that maybe it qould take the feeling away I remember I believe it wws "God" saying "vaginal discomfort" ci ncerning my masturbation.... so I gueas thia was what He wss talking about..I heard it can be caused by exxessive masturbation... People should be warned about this..I've been upset and now could care less about sex..I just pray thw feelibg wi permantly go awat
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I am a man and have had this condition for 10 years now. I am 28 and it is a horrible condition. It devastated my life for many years. In recent years it has gotten better as I have figured out techniques to deal with it. As a man it is terrible and embarrasing because you have to hide your priapism and if you orgasm it is inconvient as a man. Through years of self analysis and introspection for answers and solutions I believe that it stems from a disconnect in the brain. I believe that the brain has an intrinsic desire to want to reproduce. I also believe that unconscious [Autonomic nervous system] brain does not know the difference between physically mating or masturbating. Where PSAS comes in is that the brain has somehow wired itself to not need that physical stimulation to orgasm and so that very ancient and basic part of the brain that wants to breed has free rein. It basically takes control and it doesn't care what you want or what your doing.
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For psas you all need matrix patches from the doctors i have them for pain in my back so you will get sleep and stop the the need to masturbate iam a women , please pass on the word i hope it helpsit helps me xxx
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After asking 6 or 7 doctors, I finally found one that has heard of this disorder. I am deeply relieved. I have been in recovery for sexual addiction for over 13 years. No wonder I became a sex addict. I just celebrated 13 years of "sexual sobriety" which includes no masturbation or sex with others except a spouse. I am not married. For me masturbation exasperates this condition. I have just started dating, and it is scary. I have been upfront about it with a couple of guys and it turned out ok so far. I have not had any "episodes" [orgasms] while with them. I am committed to not having premarital sex. It is so wonderful I can talk about this with people that understand! It can be confusing. I have felt like a freak.
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