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Sleep Walking / Somnambulism

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Non - Rapid Eye Movement (Non REM, NREM) Sleep: A type of sleep that is divided into four stages. Usually about 75% of the night is spent in NREM Sleep.

REM Sleep: It is so called because of the Rapid Eye Movements that occur during this phase of sleep. Besides the eye movements there is heightened brain activity because the brain is actively dreaming at this stage and there is loss of muscle tone to prevent us from acting out our dreams.

Polysomnogram: An over night sleep study that takes continuous multiple measurements while a patient is asleep to document abnormalities in the sleep cycle.

Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT): So called because of the multiple naps that are taken by a person every two hours to assess the time taken to fall asleep termed as sleep latency.

Sleep Deprivation: a process by which the requirement for sleep is not meet.

Sleep Hygiene: the life style modifications adopted to achieve good sleep.


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