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Kidney Stones in Children / Renal Stones in Children

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Can Children Get Kidney Stones?

There is a wide misconception that only adults develop stones. On the contrary kidney stones can also occur in children living in hot climates or if they have any birth defects in their urinary tract.

Kidney Stones in Children


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To get rid from kidney stones ..avoid high content potassium foods.most of the fruits and vegetables are high in limit your servings/day
vaishali9524 Saturday, August 9, 2014
Hello! At the age of 14 I had kidney stone in my kidney.People who are suffering I know what they are going through.During this period, our stomach pains a lot which makes us cry. I was admitted in a hospital in India, and was operated.This method was called LAPAROSCOPY. This is a new technique of getting less pain.Hopefully, the operation was successful and I absolutely fine now. This happens due to the less drinking of water. So, to the people who is suffering I would suggest you to have lots of water to a protective action against Kidney Stone. Everyone was shocked that a girl of 14 can have a kidney stone.But, then i got to know, not only adults even children of our age can also have it.So, parents should be careful about their children. Thank You PDB,Calcutta,India.
PDBhatta Wednesday, February 27, 2013
At the age of 8 months of my son, it was detected he ahd 7 Kidney Stones. He was hospitalised in Govt. Hospital in Goa, India. No doctor was bothered to find the exact cause of the formation of so many stones. All the Stones got dissolved after 6 months. After the discharge, we got a C. T. Scan done on him in a different state. And now we have noticed a great change in his behaviour; he doesn't talk/utter words as he used to do at the age of 8 months. He is now 2 yrs and 4 months.. Could anyone inform and enlighten me as to why he doesn't respond/ talk like other children of his age? Has the radiation of CT Scan affected his behavioral pattern? How should I make him talk/ talkative?...Laxmikant, Goa, India.
Lucky78 Saturday, December 17, 2011
my daughter 8years old at the age of her 5years she faced with pcnl in two sittings in left kidney from then onwards we are using homoepathy but there is no use. now she is severely complainting about her leg pains,her growth is very low when compare to her age, stones are again recurring. 2years onwards we are not giving milk and milk products. Even my son 2years old he has multiple caliculus in both the kidneys and two 12mmin size and they are at pelvis,we are very much fearing about our kids we are using homopathy for him also but no use. please, help us , if there is medicine mail me.
vemula Monday, September 19, 2011
We have a herbal medicine based on tribal traditional knowledge which removes stones from kidney, urinary bladder and urinary tract in just 15 days. For our mission with vision kindly visit to our web site

ManishAbhumka Thursday, April 7, 2011
My son is 5 months old..developed a urinary infection ..having pus cells in the region of 8-10hpf & trace of peaditrician suggested we do a usg & it confirmed presence of 3 calculi 2.4mm, 1.8mm & 0.6mm .. well most doctors are surprised at this ..we have consulted top urology peditricians but a satisfactory reply is not available trying to find out whether ayurvdeda or homeopathic medicine will work..& what are the causes..& what will be the chances that they will not recur again..any suggestions...ANIL
alcap737 Monday, February 22, 2010
My daughter was frequently ill and diagnosed with viruses as a baby and at the age of two and a half was identified as having a urine infection. She was found to have a 2cm and 5 mm stone at three 3 1/2. They were removed by surgery at four, but she now has another two at 4 mm. She has a normal right kidney but her left one is smaller. She was due to have a DMSA scan done but as she wont lie on the bed it has been cancelled. We still do not know why she got them and how well her left kidney is working as the DMSA scan has not been done. I have been told that it would be useful to check for scarring in the future as if there is scarring she may need to have yearly blood pressure checks.
angelface Monday, August 17, 2009
My daughter had a vomiting and high fever due to a urinary tract infection at 7 months and then again at 9 months, on the second UTI after 10 days of fever and antibiotics not working she finally got admitted to the hospital where they did a sonograms and x-rays and found she had a kidney stone, she was scheduled for surgery but passed the stone a day before the surgery. The stone was an infection stone (Struvite) and were not able to find the cause for the stone. She now has an X-Ray and sonogram every 6 months
babygirl123 Tuesday, March 3, 2009
My now 15 month old baby passed 2 stones last year one in August when he was admitted with balanitis. At that time nothing was picked up re kidney stones in hospital and his urine was not infected I therefore didnt think there was any reason for concern. Then again in December another stone appeared this time it was actually stuck at the end of his tail and his was screaming unable to pass urine, after an hour or so the pressure of him trying to wee pushed the stone out in his nappy which then eased the pain. It was at this point he was referred to see the urology consultant, he has now been seen by the specialist and has had bloods taken, urine samples tested and a scan carried out. It has been confirmed that he has kidney stones in both his kidneys. He is now being referred to the RVI in Newcastle hopefully for some treatment and an explanation of why he has these stones and how we can treat him. Looking at the sypmtoms of kidney stones I can confirm he has had vomiting on 2 occasions which has been quite severe and completely out of the blue and lasts for several hours, also pus in his nappy and blood in his nappy.
louisemgray Friday, February 27, 2009
Did you ever figure out the "why?" behind your sons kidney stones?
guest Monday, May 11, 2009
i have a son that 7Yrs old have problem sleep at night but i did take him to er i just find out that he have blood in his urine iam thinking it is a kidney stone
guest Tuesday, August 31, 2010
My two and half year old does not urinate often any more. He only urinates about twice a day. Could this be kidney stones?
Fatima Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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