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Who should be consulted to treat a hydrocele?

You can consult a General Surgeon or Urologist.

Can a child have both Hernia and a Hydrocele ?

Yes they can. Normally the testis develops inside the abdomen. Just before delivery of the baby, the testis comes down into the scrotum. For this to happen, there exists a connection between the abdomen and the scrotum known as the processus vaginalis. This connection usually closes off around the time of birth. In some children, it remains open. Intestines can then move into the connection and appear as a hernia.

If the opening of the processus vaginalis is very small it does not permit the intestine to come thorough. All our abdomens contain some fluid. This acts like a lubricant, allowing smooth movement of the intestines. This fluid can trickle down through this small connection and this causes a hydrocele.

Do all hydroceles need surgery?

No, when hydroceles occur in children below the age of one year, there is a 70% chance that they will disappear on their own. The connection tends to close off on its own by 2 years of age and the hydrocele disappears. Only if the hydrocele persists beyond 2 years of age will surgery be required. It is safe to wait until the age of 2 years for spontaneous resolution of the hydrocele.

Who Requires a Hydrocele Operation?

Any adult who has a moderate or large sized hydrocele will require a hydrocele operation procedure. If left untreated, the hydrocele will become enlarged and cause pain, discomfort, swelling, infection, or serious illness. Simply draining off the liquid using needles will result in more liquid accumulating within two months.

Can a hydrocele recur after surgery?

Recurrence is very uncommon after surgery. However large hydroceles can be difficult to treat and may recur after surgery. If surgery is not successful, then sclerosing agents can be considered.

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I had hydrocele surgery three days ago and the doctor scheduled me to have the drain removed Wednesday which will be eight days after the drain was put in. I am worried about waiting so long to remove it. I cut the stitch holding it to my skin and pulled on it and it would not move outward more than an inch or so. It seems that it had attached itself to my insides. This cause much pain and it is only day 3 after surgery. Question is will the area be deaden with a novacaine type med before they try to take it out?
Rexron Friday, May 29, 2015
I had a large right hydrocele for over 10 years. When in the US, I was advised by my Urologist to undergo the surgery. However, due to work and other common human excuses, I kept putting off. Now I'm back in India and my Urologist here suggested to get it done ASAP. I underwent the surgery on Jan 31, 2015. Since I am a kidney and urinary track patient by birth [have already undergone 9 major surgeries], I was not given General Anesthesia because of high Serum Creatinine. I was given a Regional one in my Spine. A bit painful while being injected, but no lower body feeling after that. My surgery lasted almost an hour because my hydrocele was large and had become think and infected as it was present for a long time. They had to remove a lot of tissue. I was stitched up and sent to my room in the hospital. Since I had been given a Regional Anesthesia, I had a Catheter being inserted in me as the doc said that with a Spinal anesthesia, my bladder movements and sensations will be impacted. I understand this is usually an OPD procedure, but I was in the hospital for a full 2 days. My catheter came out on the next day of surgery. It was painful and very uncomfortable. I was able to urinate fine post it coming out. It's day 3 now and I'm home. Doc took off the tight heavy dressing in the morning. All I have now is a lot of Neosporin and a thick surgical gauze. Been advised to wear tight scrotal support for a month at least. The size of my scrotum is definitely smaller than original, but it's still swollen. Doc said it is normal and the size should return to normal in a month or 2.
vg943u Monday, February 2, 2015
I had undergone hydrocephalus operation. Once again the sac is full and it is bulky. What is the next course of action
Guest Monday, July 14, 2014
Since, here cases have beeen discussed where hydrocele is large enough but i have a solution provider for hydrocele which has started building. One can go for accupressure therapy. It is completely safe and painless. And most important is without any surgery. My baby had this problem who is just four years . I consulted many doctors and every one was just suggesting for operation but i came to know from some body that one guy is having experience in treating this problem. I went to him and he just took two minutes to press somewhere in middle part below knee and ankle from the back side. I was surprized to see the effect in next 3-4 days only, as it has started vanishing. After a week, i again met him and again same process have been followed and now my kid is fine. He enjoys his day to day work. One more important thing here is, it was just FREE of COST. There is a place in outskirts of delhi called Ladpur next to Kanjhawla and here one can easily find Mr. Fauji [Popularly known]. I'll surely recommend people who can go there and get benefitted.
Guest Sunday, July 13, 2014
Is it possible to get the full address or phone no of Mr Fauji. i will be interested .
Guest Tuesday, January 13, 2015
are there any side effects after the surgery of hydrocele
Denissilva Thursday, February 13, 2014
Today is the 6th day since I had my right hydrocele surgery in Manhattan,NY.I have had mine since for about 5yrs [im 26 now] Day 1-the surgery lasted for about an hour and I woke up confused and limped up a little.I was discharged from the hospital after 7 hours long because the anesthesia made my dizzy and I was throwing up. Day 2- Slight pain in my right scrotum where the cut was made during the surgery but was able to walk on my own and peeing was normal.It was then that I realized that my scrotum was swollen about twice the size it was prior to the surgery.I called the Doctor and he said it was normal and the swelling might go down after a month and half.My tongue was numb and had no appetite Day3- About 90% of pain was gone and was able to walk,climb the stairs and drive on my own to do my oil change. Day 4-Still swollen and very little pain I stopped taking the pain-killers that was prescribed(oxycotin)since I didnt want to get addicted to it.Took out the dressing on my scrotum.My tongue still numb and had no appetite. Day 5-Still swollen but back to regular size before surgery and little pain.My main concern is the open wound getting infected.I clean it with baby wipes every 4 hrs. Day 6-Returned to work but my scotum is still big and hope it reduces as I recover .
HYDRO_1 Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Hi everyone! Long story short.. I'm 23, originally from Lithuania, living in Ireland now. I've always had right testicle a bit larger than the left one, but in the beginning of August 2012 i got it swollen to the size of an average apple. Got surgery done in lithuania in a private clinic for 520 EUR. BEFORE SURGERY: Got an 1.5L instillator, cardiogram done and blood pressure and sugar levels measured. SURGERY: Got general anesthetic. A surgeon said that it was around 1 liter of liquid out of my right testicle. 1-5 hours after surgery: When i woke up, felt like an idiot, oriented myself quite well, but had a lot of memory errors, kept asking my gf same questions over and over again, pain was 6/10. They stitched around 7cm of the scrotum with disollvable threads, and patched it up with a very large patch. I also had a drainage hose, that was attached directly to the bottom of the scrotum, that was taking out all the unnecessary fluids and blood away. All that was supported by the strong tape-like lifting plasters, that kept everything close. Got the antibiotics and a pill for a good sleep. Because of the instillator, i wanted to pee few times per hour. THE NEXT MORNING: Felt very well! And had a dahm strong erection, that lifted a few holding plasters up, yet it helped me to urinate a lot easier. It was a bit swollen, but maybe 4 times smaller already, the color of the skin remained normal. Doctor came over to check me out, detached the drainage hose, supporting plasters and replaced all the patches [the most painful part of all this, as I am quite hairy guy - pain 9/10] and after 1 hour I sat in the car and drove away (i shouldnt do it,as i have signed a document, stating that i won't be driving for 24 hours after general anesthetic) Doctor's recommendations: not to shower for 3 days, then to have one with all the patches and replace them, to keep replacing the patches and cleaning the scrotum with disinfectant spray for at least 10 days, keep drinking antibiotics and painkillers for at least 5 days, not to work-out for at least a month, no sex for about 2-3 weeks(didn't say anything about bj though ;) ), wear something supporting like briefs :D NOW I AM ON WEEK 3: 1 All stitches disollved 2 Sex life is almost back to normal (still a bit painful for full scale thrusting movements, it's better at cowgirl's positio) 3 A tiny bit swollen, but keeps decreasing 4 Scrotum has pretty much returned to normal.5 I felt ok to work-out the upper part on week 2
guardian2888 Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Had a bilateral hydrocelectomy and three small cysts removed yesterday [05-13-13]. I was given the choice of general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia and I went with the latter. The spinal numbs your body from the waist down and you are given medication to relax you while the procedure is done. The only problem with spinal is that it takes your body a while to "unnumb". I was in the recovery room and I could start to move my legs, and then my toes and then they wheeled you back to your room. I was not able to be discharged until I could pass 200ml of urine, so I started drinking fluids. The only problem is that your bladder is the last body part to wake up and they had to put a catheter in me to drain me. Then I had to start all over again!! Don't make that mistake!! Today, I have VERY LITTLE swelling, although I am sore. I took my first shower and the surgical drain is doing it's job - I will have that removed tomorrow. They were VERY LIBERAL with athletic supporters [3] and gauze wraps [3] for me. I am VERY HAPPY I don't have to deal with these hydroceles any more!! When I get my bill, I will post how much this procedure costs; I know a lot of people ask that question.
Wildcat Tuesday, May 14, 2013
People, there are other less invasive treatments that you should be demanding. Your doctors are either uninformed or are just doing conventional surgery for the financial gains. They can be treated with hydrocele sclerotherapy with much success, or through less invasive surgery where they cut a small incision and remove a small piece of the hydrocele tissue. It allows fluid to drain and to be reabsorbed by the body naturally.
patman Monday, May 13, 2013
hi could any one advise who went on surgery and feeling better now. are there any side effects which affects the below things after surgery... 1. sex life with the partner 2. can we go for Gym after surgery 3. will the size really reduces and feels like normal as before with out any pain.. will be greatful if any one advises on the above
sweet26 Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Hi Sweet26, Life will go on as usual after a few days of rest and right medication. Go for regular checkups too. Go to gym and other activities only after consulting your doctor.
Advancells Sunday, September 22, 2013
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