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Cervical Spondylosis/ Degenerative Neck Disease

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Cervical Spondylosis?

Cervical Spondylosis is a degenerative disease affecting the joints of the cervical vertebrae (Bones of the back of neck) with deposition of minerals in the discs (cushions) , which is present in   between the vertebral bones.

2.Which doctor should I see for cervical spondylosis?

You can see an orthopedic doctor or a general physician.

3. What are the kinds of occupation which induces cervical spondylosis?


Computer operators

Drivers of vehicles

Coal miners

Occupations involving carrying and lifting heavy weights on their heads, for example, building construction workers.

4. How does a person's life style cause cervical spondylosis?

Activities like reading and writing for prolonged period demands a continuous muscle and ligaments tension and can result in neck strain. Some of the activities that cause gradual strain of the structures of the neck leading to neck pain and stiffness include-

Habit of holding the telephone on one shoulder and leaning at it for long time.

Sitting or standing still for long period.

Use of poorly designed desks and chairs can cause abnormal stress to the neck.

Driving continuously for long hours.

Sleeping in awkward position and with many pillows below the neck and shoulder.

5. Suggest a home based simple posture exercise?

Stand in front of the mirror with your back touching the walls. Try to push the wall with your back and neck. This exercise will correct your posture.

6. What are the doís and doníts for a person with cervical spondylosis?


Avoid bad roads

Use firm collars while traveling

Exercise regularly

Do use firm mattress, thin pillow or butterfly shaped pillow

Do turn to one side while getting up from lying down


Do not sit for prolonged period of time in stressful postures

Do not lift heavy weights on head or back

Do not turn from your body but turn your body moving your feet first

Do not lie flat on your stomach.

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dear sir,,for the past 2 months i under go the treatment for cervical spondylosis. now i feel that i got paining in the legs for the past 10 days .. and doctor said that i have to go for a surgery but i under go heart surgery in the year july 2012...sir can u suggest me the best option
srikanth544 Sunday, February 09, 2014
which type of diet must be given and must be restricted for cervical spondylitis ?
samvedna.pathak Wednesday, October 30, 2013
I Lova Raju i am suffering with cervical spine as per MRI report small osteophytes noted over C5 and C6 vertebral bodies diffuse annular bulging and postero-central protresion of C5/C6 interverterbral disc causing compression on cord and bilateral neural foramina. diffuse annular bulging and right posterior para central protrusion of C3/C4 and C4/C5 intervetbral discs causing diffuse compression on cord. diffuse annular bulging of C6/C7 intervetbral discs causing compression on cord and neural foramen. Please suggest me a better solution.
lovashyam1166 Thursday, October 17, 2013
Is cervical spondylosis curable completly or what level we can recover. plz reply
jamal_khan Saturday, October 05, 2013
I am suffering with mild cervical as per MRI report c4,c5,c6,c7 bulged light signal fromT1 my nature of duties to drive locomotive for 10hrs continously futhure I can same duties by Rahim
Rahim1005 Monday, September 02, 2013
accupuncture is the best treatment for the cervical spondylosis i undergo treatment for 3 months and i have no pain on the neck
pavan.d Thursday, March 28, 2013
Where did you get your accupuncture therapy? and from which doctor? pls rply.
anil.agarwal Monday, June 10, 2013
Dr. Behraji hospital, opp central cenema, charni road, mumbai is one of d best place for all these.
vijayvicky Monday, October 14, 2013
Which hospital in India is good for the treatment of cervical spondylosis? Please tell me.
danianul Tuesday, February 05, 2013
Dr.Lajpat rai mehra's Neurotherapy Centre
RAmadutt Wednesday, April 17, 2013
I have been suffered with cervical pain and it also comes in my left arm i hv been under gone massage and electro thrapy which results in more pain please adviceme what exercise should i do to cure this
dkdkd Sunday, November 25, 2012
Padmavathi52 Wednesday, November 21, 2012
i am o.p.singh and suffering from cervical spodylosis, after 3 days of treatment, one night i got rough massage of my neck from my son. next morning severe virtigo occured. i fell on ground thrice without any prior indication and twice i fell in my bed while sitting. there was no pain anywhere, but i became unconcios several times for few seconds every time without any symtoms.2 days treatment by traction and medicine virtin has helped to avoid recurrence. it is dangerous while working or driving, i am scared for my future. kindly advice.
O.P.Singh Friday, November 16, 2012
Dear Sir, Dont worry same happened to me for few days , I started doing Bhujang Asan on the advice of my Homeopathic Dr. and corrected in 5-6 days with Homepathic medicine and Asan
RajatKumar Monday, September 30, 2013
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s Cervical Spondylosis - Glossary
Cervical Spondylosis - Glossary
S Cervical Spondylosis - Cervical Spondylosis Diet
Cervical Spondylosis - Cervical Spondylosis Diet