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Brain Tumor

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General Info About Brain Tumor

Brain is one of the largest and complex organs in the human body and weighs about 1.3 Kgs. Neurons and glial cells are the basic units that make up the brain. There are about 40 billion nerve cells, known as neurons, in the brain. Brain controls our body, receives, analyzes and stores information. It produces electrical signals, which, together with chemical reactions, helps in the communication of the different parts of the body. The brain has three main parts: the cerebrum, the cerebellum, and the brain stem (medulla).

Blood vessels (arteries, capillaries, and veins) supply the brain with oxygen and nourishment, and remove waste products. The cranium (the top of the skull) surrounds and protects the brain. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is a clear, watery liquid that surrounds the brain and cushions it from jolts.

The neurons in the brain divide rapidly till about 7 years of age. Further development is by the existing cells making increasingly elaborate connections with each other. When this control is lost in a single cell, then it starts dividing in an uncontrolled manner. As the cell makes more and more copies of itself, it grows to form a tumor. A brain cancer can arise from any of the cells, which makes up the brain.

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My Mother in Law just had part of her brain tumor removed about a month ago. Since then she can not hold a normal conversation. It is like random things about her past and childhood. But its the same story everyday throughout the entire day. Is this a permanent side effect or will this fade as she gets better...
zzshell Tuesday, September 3, 2013
How do you know if you have a brain tumor or if its a normal thing at the age of 14?
palomita_2015 Thursday, April 11, 2013
My brother had a tumor removed a year ago. He seems to be doing fine some days and not so good other. After reading comments that other people have left, my brother is going through the same thing except he is seeing several doctors and everyone of them is treating him for something different, depression, steroids, thyroid,headache, parcason, ect. These are the things he is telling me?? I not so convince on all the drugs he is on but I'm not a doc. Is anyone else on a lot of drug?? Thanks
BigPete Saturday, August 18, 2012
I had a tumor of cancer removed from my brain 3 yrs ago and I have so many doctors and I take a lot of medications because I have all of them problems and fibromyigia then some. I don't like it all because i'm only 24 and it seems like I'm about 50. I know it seems unreal to you but it is just about ture.
LovingU Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Hi, my brother has a brain tumor. He lives in Ethipoia. The doctors said the tumor is 7 inch long and he is in a critical condition. I am working on the process to bring him here and to get a better help. However, after the doctors told him the side effects after the surgery, my brother refused to have the surgery. Please give me your comments on how I can help him to decide to have the surgery.
Wongete Tuesday, April 2, 2013
My younger cousin aged 18 yrs suffering from the brain tumor from last one year.Currently he is admitted into Inlacs Budrani hospital,Pune.He has diagnosed with the brain tumor situated just above the neck at the back of forehead. The doctors started the radiation therapy one year ago from 1st sept to 30 th oct 2011. After 5/6 months his brain got swelled beacause of the radation effect for which the doctors did a surgery in which they removed some part of skull so that the swelled brain should fit in the space. After 2/3 months again he is now suffering in which he can't swallow any food even his saliva so the doctors now have placed a tube inside his throat so that he can now survive on the liquid directly poured into it. Pls advice me some further medicatgion as we are uncertain about his health.He is again now admitted in the hospital and is under observation.
gdseema23 Monday, August 13, 2012
my mother had brain surgery almost 2 month ago and she is still suffering from pain and dizziness sometime she not even recognize us. her one hand and leg not working now and now week ago she fall down on the floor injured herself. i am really worried i don't know what to do doc says it takes time to recover i don't know how much
kuldeep13984 Friday, June 22, 2012
My mom had her tumor removed 3years ago an she still hasn't fully recovered. The doctor and a naturalist say that the tingly sensation On her surgery side will not stop until around 5 yrs cause that's when the Anastasia completely leave her brain. Just today she blanked out at the for a good 10 min and was mummbling jibber ish…I believe that everyone has different side effect and you just got to help her out. Just take it day by day cause it's a long healing process.
Clozano88 Sunday, July 15, 2012
My mom also had brain surgery. She has had 2 actually. But she is doin fine for teh most part. She still has a little bit of short term meomory loss, and she may still get servere headaches, but for the most part she is doing very well. So like she said just take it one day at a time and also prayer works!
YonnaCMA Thursday, July 26, 2012
My mother was diagnosed with the worst case of glioma and she also had surgery to remove the tumor. After surgery the recuperation was brutal since she was dizzy all the time ans nauseas...She also fell a couple of time out of the bed and her last fall brought her to the emergency room and after 2 weeks of the fall she died.
diannaw04 Thursday, November 15, 2012
I have non cancerous brain tumor for 2 years having side effects, of numerous, problems. right side of face, pins and needles, also head pins and needles, weakness down left side. right eye painful, and sometimes blurred vision. I cannot say to my Doctor as she always says there is nothing wrong, with you rest or it's stress. so no use to say anything, I feel so nauseated.also had lots of Seizures, from this, as pseudo, they refuse to listen. so unwell, what can I do. Antoinette
Netta17 Friday, May 18, 2012
i lost one of my dear one due to brain tumour...that ws on lft side of brain...he lost his memory.after surgery we lost him due to major heart attack..doctors said that the reason of attack was surgery ....they said that one blood clot came towards his heart it possible that clot can remain in patient,s body after surgery?
19845 Saturday, April 28, 2012
I have been noticing certain changes in my behaviour n manners most of the factors mentioned above seem to be noticable in me....
mak14 Monday, March 5, 2012
my son had a non-cancer tumor [the best boat to be in] but he had the worst recovery from the surgery- he was left handed and had to become right handed he went to a infant sage after the surgery and i had to help him recover doing everything for him, he had lots of balance issues but no speach problems (gratefully)- he couldnt go up-down stairs and had 3 months of bed recovery and 3 months physical theraly for walking again. no-one really really understands what we went through and he seems to be good outside but other things have happened since the surgery....he is tired allt he time and i cant figure this out he si just 18 and goes to bed early and wakes up at a decent hour...he has not had a seziure but he has tremours (when it happens he looks like a parkensions*(sp?) patient -his head shakes uncontrolably) his personality is just off and not like he use to be uncontrolable anger sometimes....and sometimes he is normal...diferant days bring diferant things is seems and i dont know what to make of this. i feel for him cause i know this has actually taken a few years off of his life and he is playing catch-up with time but i am having a hard time finding any research on this type of tumor because its not life threatning but its serious to us....dealing with all the aftermath and finding others going through the same things has been hard. The only people i have talked to that can relate are people that say they know someone who has had a stroke....glad you guys are here you've helped me a lot! God Bless!!
angelab Friday, December 9, 2011
hi my name is jeff and i just had a tumor taken out of the left side of my brain they say its non cancerous so thats good but i am going thru the same things all most to the t as your son and its seems like i can get no answers from anyone even my dr. it will be almost 2 months before i even see my dr. for te first follow up vist after surgery my life is in shambels now and everyone around me including family and friends act like nothing is going on and everytime i have tremors or balance and speech issues its almost as if i pretending to them. theres almost no way to tell them exactly whats going on with me cuase i cant even explain it to myself most of the time. well i have blathered enough but tell your son to hang in there, it seems as if thats all we can do till were back to normal.
labettecityman Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Hi my name is pete, my surgery was about 1 1/2 year ago and true like you said you may look alright outside but the feeling inside is difficult to explain, people don't seem to understand even my doc is at a loss to the side effect that is happening to me now like imbalanceness, stiffness on the right side of leg and the heaviness of body that most of the time am laying down in bed. Had spasm attack 5 months ago on the right side of whole body until the face but was conscious and can't do much about it until it stopped by it self, went to hospital and was given some kind of jab and send home after that. Thank God it didn't recurr. The best thing to do is pray hard. Godbless.
Peter88 Friday, November 9, 2012
Hi everyone, I am 40 years old. I had a brain tumor [meningeom] removed from the left side (front) of my head three years ago. It took me some time to recover from the common side effects after surgery. I was happy and everyone rejoice with me on my improvement. My physical appearance looks o.k but I suffer inside and some people hardly believe me. Sometimes they feel I am lazy. I still experience tiredness, imbalance (weak legs)and headache. I am a single mother of two children. Presently, I am not working because I cannot see myself coping with the care of the kids and work. I have done series of neurological tests incl. MRT and CT. Everything is normal. My doc. says my feelings are psychological.I am confused. Is he right? What do I do to overcome these? Please advise me.
Wunder2008 Friday, August 5, 2011
I feel for you here! I had two falx meningiomas removed last September. I had no idea what to expect from surgery or the recovery process. Overall from what I have come to understand my recovery has been good. Post surgery I still tire easily, my strength although improving is far short of what it used to be, I have constant weakness and what I believe is "spasticity" in my right side and I still occasionally struggle to find the right words even when I know what I want to say. In spite of all this I continually hear "you look so good"!! If you are feeling the same things as I it is definitely not psychological! I only wish I knew what to suggest you do to overcome these deficits. I had an appointment with a neuropsychiatrist a couple of months ago and he suggested seeing a physiatrist, however, I haven't been able to find one around here and unless it is covered by provincial health I couldn't afford it anyways. Wishing you well.
tmoran Sunday, August 7, 2011
Oh my its good to connect with others with some of the same thjings my 16 yr old has experiences!!!! he has had so many things happen and i have shaked my head ans said is it because of the tumor or surgery the Dr say these things that are happening could have happened with or without the tumor...but i say differant i think its because of the surgery...may not be necessarly the tumor but because of the surgery and with what you have to do to remove the tumor...he is tired all the time and weakens easily to - please i want to keep talking and find out more please inform me of more my son has other things going on and there is little to no help out here.....
angelab Friday, December 9, 2011
i also had a meninginoma on the left frontal side of my brain. that was removed 12 months ago. i also had heart surgery two years ago to have two holes in my heart closed .after the brain surgery it took me some time to recover.i suffer from headaches, that now also make me naucious, and yes sometimes i do vomit. i feel tired alot. my short term memory is not great. i can hide it by writing things down. i get dizzy and lightheaded and at times feel like i am going to pass out. i get weakness and numbness in my right leg. i dont know what to do, i am at my wits end with it all.
dawn68 Monday, May 27, 2013
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