How to Fix 4 Common Workout Mistakes

How to Fix 4 Common Workout Mistakes

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Using various equipment at the gym is a good way for building and toning muscles, as well as doing some aerobic exercises too.

However, there are commonly made mistakes that can make you vulnerable after an exercise session, thereby causing an injury.

Workout Mistakes and Solutions

So, if you are a first-time beginner at the gym or an experienced fitness expert, following gym mistakes should be kept in mind for ensuring the best workout possible and avoid any unnecessary aches and pains.

1. Wasting Time On the Treadmill

Many people go to the gym and get on the treadmill at a slow pace while watching a TV or reading a magazine. The calorie burn of doing this slow, distracted style of workout is minimal. During this time, no real effort is exerted and a lot of time is wasted. However, doing some bit of exercise is better than sitting on the couch.

Solution: Training on the treadmill with a plan and at a pace that attracts your attention. Alter your speed and gradient often thereby keep your body challenged all the time. Break the routine of starting on the treadmill every time and try a new piece of cardio equipment, or try out a dynamic warm up followed by resistance-based routine. If watching TV or reading a newspaper or magazine still interests you, do it as you cool down to get your mind relaxed before leaving the gym.

2. Skipping Warm Up

People skip warm up exercises like doing some stretching muscles and move straight away into their exercise session, or don't spend enough time of warming up and thus putting themselves at high risk of injury.

Solution: Warm up exercises make your body fit and ready to perform at its best during workouts. Also, stretching of muscles increases flexibility and helps to prevent injuries. To have enough time for warm up, get to the gym earlier than usual and make sure you spend enough time of warming up your muscles. Do a little bit of cardio exercises like short, brisk jog on a treadmill and by doing reps of knee lifts and squats. After that do some stretching of different muscle groups in arms and legs. If you are in a hurry, try out a lighter version of your workout exercises as your warm up. For example, if you are doing weighted squats in your workout plan, do body weight squats as your warm up move. Doing warm up sessions will thus leave you less sore after a workout.

Warm Up Before a Workout

3. Doing Too Much of Cardio and Skipping Weights

It is often said that doing cardio is more important than trying out weights, especially for weight loss. This is simply not true. Doing a lot of cardio can cause a breakdown in the body and setting oneself for injury. This can be seen in marathon runners, who often have injuries and compromised immune systems due to high amount of training they do. Also, constant pounding puts a lot of stress and strain on runnerís muscles, bones and joints.

High amount and long duration of cardio are not good for your body, whether it's running, biking, jogging for long. Also, setting too high resistance on equipment like elliptical machine can make one over-do it, thus resulting in incorrect body position and potentially an injury.

Solution: Try breaking down cardio exercises in small segments. Instead of lengthy cardio sessions, try out interval training. Do two short sessions of interval training, instead of doing five or six sessions of long-duration cardio per week. The idea of doing interval training is hard work along with recovery. As an example, you can mix up walking with running. If you are a beginner, you can try with 30-second hard work interval with one-minute recovery or a one-minute hard work interval with 30-second recovery in case of an advanced person. As interval training is more difficult than continuous cardio, one should do it only for 20 minutes. You should not bother about decreasing your time. It is quite possible that you will burn more calories and fat during 20-minute interval training session than doing a much longer cardio session.

Ask for help from your fitness trainer, who can advise you on machine settings that are appropriate for you, based on your physical fitness level and experience. Do mix up your workout on different types of cardio machines, rather than getting yourself drained out on one particular machine and doing these workouts in smaller intervals.

Training on the Treadmill

4. Incorrect Footwear

Choice of footwear can create a huge disturbance in your workout schedule and wearing inappropriate footwear can cause anything from painful blister to sprained ankle. Ordinary shoes typically won't give that level of support and comfort. Therefore, quality and appropriate shoes are mandatory during a workout.

Solution: Look for shoes that have flexible and cushioned soles that can provide effective shock absorption, especially if you are spending a lot of your time on the treadmill. This will lessen the impact on your joints. When you go shopping for trainers, don't stick yourself with shoe size. Sizes vary by brands and will therefore be slightly different than other brands, if compared. This is especially true if you look for shoes that have a thick insole. Instead of looking for brands, go with what feels right for you, rather than size mentioned in the box. Also, bear in mind that feet tend to swell slightly when hot, so look for the one which is a roomy fit, rather than tight one.

Use Flexible Footwear

Benefits of Exercise

Exercise reduces stress and keeps body physically active. Going to the gym is a fantastic way of exercising as this not only helps in toning and shaping up your body muscles but also provides an added strength to bones and tissues. Aerobic exercise is another means by which body can retain its shape. However, one should bear that mere exercising is not the only solution for a fit body, but attitude and dedication for the workout are equally important. By being complacent, one can make several mistakes during their exercise regimen, this would lead to both physical and mental loss of well-being. Hence, one should try to avoid several pitfalls that interfere with their workout module and practice under correct and appropriate guidance.

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