Interstitial Cystitis - FAQs / Frequently Asked Questions

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Interstitial cystistis is an umbrella term where a pathology cannot be defined but the patient suffers from recurring, pain in the pelvic region along with other symptoms including frequency or urgency in urination


1. Which specialist should I see if I have Interstital cystitis?

Urologist is the specialist to consult for the condition.

2. Is traditional medicine good for interstitial cystitis?

Some patients find relief from symptoms after acupuncture. Other traditional medicines are also known to provide relief.

3. Can my children inherit the condition from me?

It is difficult to say yes or no. There are twins who have suffered from the condition. Certain ethnic groups sems to be more prone to it for example Jews, whoare more likely to get the condition than non-jews.

4. If I become pregnant will it affect my IC?

Pregnanacy is usually not affected although intercourse could be painful and avoidable

5. Can sexual intercourse cause increase in my symptoms?

Some women do experience an increase in their symptoms after sexual intercourse. This may be due to some trauma to the bladder base during such activity. IC itself maybe associated with some amount of pain in the vulval region (called vulvodynia) or in the vagina.

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