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World Population Clock

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Find out the population of the world as you read this sentence. World population clock dynamically calculates the population of our world and is based on the death and birth rates. You could also download it for your desktop and use it as a widget.
. World Population Clock
Estimated Population of World on

Rate of Increase in World Population
Per Year 78,840,000
Per Month 64,80,000
Per Day 2,16,000
Per Hour 9000
Per Minute 150

>/ In our existence for the last 52,000 years on this planet Earth, there have been a total of about 106.billion people. Every year we add almost 78 million people to the world population and are rapidly consuming the world's resources.
In the year 1 AD we were only 300 million and our population was growing slowly at 0.5% per year. At the start of 1980 the world population was 4.4 billion but in 20 years we added over 1.6 billion people and the population was 6 billion. By 2025 it is predicted we will be more than 8 billion. A British Physicist estimated this alarming rise and predicted our current growth as follows-

'At the current rate it would take only about 50 years to populate Venus, Mercury, Mars, the moon, and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn to same population density as Earth. . . It would take only about 200 years to fill [the remaining planets] "Earth-full." . . . What then? .'   - J. H. Fremlin
Interesting Facts:
v Tokyo is the world’s largest urban agglomerate with a population of 36,669,000.
v There are 2,267,233,742 Internet users in the world.
v The average life expectancy of a person is 67.59 years.
v On an average a country spends 6% of its GDP on health.
v Number of physicians per 1000 people in a population is highest in the European countries.
v 793 million adults are illiterate and two-thirds of them are women.
  • Source: Internet World Stats

  • CIA- The World Fact Book

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