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Virginity Calculator

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Virginity is in vogue again. Virginity till recently was considered a stigma among young girls. The current trends indicate that girls now want to preserve their chastity till they get married. The average age at which a girl normally loses her virginity varies and depends on their ethnicity and the country they live in.
. Virginity Calculator
Are you curious to know how you compare with others of your age, if so - use our virginity calculator and find out.
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Teen Sexual Activity Facts

  • Four in ten girls who had their first intercourse at the age of 13 or 14 years reported that it was either forced or non-voluntary or unwanted.
  • By 15 years about 13% of teens have had sexual intercourse.
  • By the time they reach 19 years 7 out of 10 teens have had sexual intercourse at least once.
  • The chance of becoming pregnant within a year if not using a condom is much higher (90%) among the teens than others.
  • Nearly a third of all teen pregnancies end up in abortion.
Remember you are not alone and your problem can be cured and managed more effectively.


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Posted by:  TheLordYourGod, United States  Posted on: 2/13/2012
Sexual Deviance
Finally, the answer to my problems.
This website helps more than I can possibly fathom.

Saw horrible things on the internet as a child and made me think this way. PARENTS CENSOR YOUR INTERNET IF YOUR CHILDRENS ARE USING YOUR COMPUTER! I am almost 27, and this been going on since I was 7, and was horrify and couldn't seek help. Only took 20 years to realize I had a problem. Changed my way of thinking, tears of joy. Sin is no more
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