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Teeth Chart- Types of Teeth, Functions and Location

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Do you know how many canines and molars are present in your mouth? Use this application to find more about various types of teeth and their functions. The teeth chart also indicates the location of teeth in the oral cavity.
. Teeth Chart- Types of Teeth, Functions and Location
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  • We have 32 permanent teeth, arranged in pairs in the upper and lower jaws.
  • A tooth has two parts - crown and root. Crown stays above the gum while the root stays below the gum line.
  • The hard white covering of the tooth is enamel, hardest material of the body.
  • Plaque forming bacteria produce an acid, which erodes the enamel and leads to cavities.
  • Wisdom tooth is a third molar which appears in early teens or late twenties.

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Posted by:  Davidmoose, India  Posted on: 7/17/2012
There are really basic information about teeth. Thank you for this post.
Posted by:  sivakumar99, India  Posted on: 7/29/2011
useful calculator!
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