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Sex Calculator

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Sex Calculator helps you to find out how many times you had sexual intercourse in your life. Also read top ten stimulating sex facts.
. Sex Calculator
This calculator works best if you are in a regular relationship. If you have had breaks in your relationships, it may not reflect the average accurately.
 Select Your Details
* At what age did you start having regular sex?
* What is your age now?
If you have stopped having sex completely please indicate at what age you stopped?
(* Mandatory)

  • The calculator is based on the figures published by Piccinino, Mosher and others.
  • These figures are world average but may vary from country to country.
  • The accuracy of the predictions are within reasonable margin of error.
Top Ten Stimulating Sex Facts:
Sex related terms always seems to top the Internet searches in the last 10 years. Medindia has put together some very interesting facts related to sex.
v Guess how many acts of sexual intercourses happen daily in the world - approx.. 100 million!
v Is kissing good for your health? Apparently so, the extra saliva that is exchanged reduces decay of teeth by keeping your mouths clean.
vCan you lose calories by merely kissing? Apparently so, you lose 26 calories if you kiss for a minute and 260 if you did it for 10 minutes.
vIf your girl-friend or wife has a headache it maybe cured yes by having an intercourse but remember to give them orgasm! Research indicates that powerful endorphins or pain killers are released by females during orgasm.
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Posted by:  Sexymamacita414, United States  Posted on: 8/22/2013
I like having sex hard for a really long time.
Posted by:  taylor56, United Kingdom  Posted on: 5/13/2013
my wife tried to kill me because we havent had an enough sex what can i do
Posted by:  Anntk4, United States  Posted on: 2/12/2012
Sex calculator was not helpful to me since the earlist age you had listed was 18, mine was 14?
Posted by:  lefty, United States  Posted on: 1/16/2012
As a boy of 10 years old or there abouts, would climb anything with my arms, and would have an orgasmic sensation, body would stiffen, and it eventually came with ejaculation, and thought I had broken something. Is this anyway normal?
Posted by:  raghu26, India  Posted on: 12/8/2011
i got married at the age of 24 i am 26-year-old.. i started doing sex from past 2 years ie after my marriage only .. i can do sex only once in 10 days...... my wife was not satisfying with this.. i smoke neary 3 packs a day...does smoking effects my sex drive ... what should i do... plz let me know the average times of sex in a week that the normal couple should have..plz help me to satisfy my wife i beg u
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