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Heart Rate (Pulse Rate) During Physical Exertion

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Do you exercise regularly? Measuring the pulse can give vital information about your fitness level and health. Use Medindia's

Heart Rate (Pulse Rate) During Physical Exertion

Calculator and check whether you maintain a normal pulse rate (click here to check the pulse rate for your age) and make sure that you don't exceed the safe zone. Check your target pulse rate (heart rate) zone when you exercise at moderate and vigorous intensity and any abnormal rate can indicate a medical condition.

Pulse Rate (Heart Rate) During Physical Exertion
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Facts about Heart Rate (Pulse Rate)

  • The pulse rate increases when involved in some physical exertion or exercise. See a doctor if the pulse rate doesn’t come down to normal after exercising.
  • Daily physical exercise increases the stamina and strength of the cardio-vascular system.
  • Physical exertion and exercise should not be very strenuous that they increase your pulse rate beyond the limit.
  • If you have a low pulse rate of less than 60 beats per minute, then the condition is medically termed as bradycardia. Some of the causes of bradycardia are
  • Tachycardia (high pulse rate) is a condition in which your heart beats at a rate greater than 100 bpm. Some of the factors causing high pulse rate may include

How to measure your heart rate (pulse rate)?

Medically, the number of heartbeats per minute can be defined as pulse. To find your Pulse rate (heart rate), count the number of beats at wrist or neck for 15 seconds or 30 seconds and multiply by 4 or 2 respectively or count for 1 minute. You can also check your pulse at other areas like groin, back of the knees and top or inner side of the foot. If you find any abnormality (low pulse rate or high pulse rate), seek the advice of a medical expert.

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Posted by:  patelritesh, Kenya  Posted on: 4/5/2014
hi i am 31 year my bp is 94/130 and my heart beat is 127, is it normal or what
Posted by:  Byashishaki, Uganda  Posted on: 11/25/2012
I do regular exercise especially jogging My blood pressure is high normally between 89 and 140 AND PULSE rate 45 and 50
Please give me some suggestions
Patrick Byashishaki
Posted by:  JD1982, Madagascar  Posted on: 9/28/2012
my age 31 years my blood pressure 150/95 and heart pulse 109 per min... so pls give me a suggestion and also pain in my heart
Posted by:  gaiza, N/A  Posted on: 2/23/2012
I am a 56 year old with a life time heart lung disorder and like to exercise what should my pulse rate be resting and during the peak times of excersie thank you.
Posted by:  mgmohan, India  Posted on: 2/21/2012
i am 44 year what is the normal pulse rate
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