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Ovulation Calculator / Ovulation Calendar / Ovulation Chart

Understanding the Ovulation Calendar helps women in family planning practice by charting out the exact day of ovulation. This information is vital for both planning pregnancy and avoiding unwanted pregnancies. Ovulation occurs only on one day in the menstrual cycle of a woman followed by menstruation after 2 weeks. However, ovulation time from the start of the menstrual cycle can vary.
Ovulation Calculator / Ovulation Calendar / Ovulation Chart
Ovulation calculator is most useful for women whose menstrual cycles are usually regular. Just enter the first day of your last menstrual period and the length of that cycle.
Once this data is available, the calculator will provide you with the information about the approximate day of ovulation and the days on which you are most fertile for pregnancy. Good Luck with your calculation!!
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Top Ten Ovulation Facts

Are you a bit mystified about your ovulation? Want to know more about ovulation and fertility?
  • Each girl baby is born with few million immature eggs in each of the two ovaries.
  • Once the girls attain puberty menstruation starts and ovulation begins.
  • During ovulation generally only one egg is released.
  • Once the egg is released from the ovary it survives for only 12-24 hours.
  • The sperm from a partner should be available during this time to impregnate the egg.
  • Once fertilized, the egg takes 6-12 days for its implantation in the uterus and for the pregnancy to start.
  • During ovulation the body temperature rises by a few points (but remains within the normal range).
  • Sometimes some light blood spotting may occur during ovulation.
  • Some women may experience pain or ache in the lower section of the abdomen and this is called mittelschmerz, which means, "middle pain" in German.
  • Ovulation can get affected by stress, illness or drugs.

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