Twins Starved to Death in Australia, Parents Charged With Murder and Torture

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Twins Starved to Death in Australia, Parents Charged With Murder and Torture
Parental neglect leading to cruel death of children is becoming widespread in developed countries, it seems.

This time it is from Australia where a couple have been charged in the death of 18-month twins in suburban Brisbane. The news has sent shockwaves through the community.

The decomposing and emaciated bodies of the boy and girl were found in their cots by their 11-year-old sister in the family's suburban home in Brisbane. The pair had been dead for up to a week.

The parents of the twins found dead on Monday have since been charged with murder and torture. The couple had initially been charged with neglect.

Both twins, named in media only as Lily and Zaide, weighed around 4 kgs (8.8 lb) when they died, around the weight of a normal newborn baby.

Brisbane Magistrates Court Thursday afternoon heard the 30-year-old woman and 28-year-old man, who cannot be named, will each now face two charges of murder and torture.

The mother told police she had only ever fed the twins by bottle and changed them only occasionally.

When asked why they had died she allegedly told police, "I don't think I fed them enough."

She will undergo a psychiatric assessment and has reportedly been placed on suicide watch.

The father, a senior manager on a major city road project, claimed he had not seen or cared for the twins for six months despite living in the same house.

Lawyers for the man argued there was not enough evidence to support a murder charge because he did not have responsibility for the childen's care.

Lawyer Michael Cridland said: "He hasn't had any contact with the children."

But police prosecutors countered that the man still lived at the house and passed the room every day while going to work.

Court Magistrate Noel Nunan said:"The circumstance of the death of two young 18-month-old children is bizarre, given that both the parents had been in the house for approximately one week since their death."

Since the discovery, the deaths have received prominent newspaper coverage and have dominated television and radio reports.

Neighbours said one of the older siblings once arrived naked on the doorstep and asked to be taken in.

The couple's other children said they rarely saw the twins, who were reportedly kept in their room.

And people are asking themselves how two children could die in a quiet suburban street and their deaths go unnoticed for more than a week.

"I just think that we shouldn't turn a blind eye to this sort of thing any more and that the public need to be more aware and look out for the children," said one resident.

There have been many cases of child neglect in the news for a few years now. And so many have begun to ask - Are parents really too selfish to the extent that they don't feed them? Is there something wrong with community spirit

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This indeed a sad case however comments below questioning the older siblings failing to raise concerns clearly demonstrates a lack of insight and sensitivity to the older children who were also under the parents care. I sincerely hope the siblings of the twins are not ever exposed to that comment or any other similar examples of ignorance by a member of the public. I can only imagine the trauma associated from living in this household and the extraordinary circumstances around the deaths of their twin siblings that will impact on them for the rest of their lives. Please consider that before posting comments that could cause even further trauma to members of this family particularly those who are already vulnerable. Kota
Kota4 Thursday, September 29, 2011
im sorry but in our country there is services available if you r unable to care for your children. why not put them in foster care? why didnt the grandmother or another relative notice how skinny the twins were or anyone ask where the poor things were?? its so very very very sick. im sorry but bring back the death penalty, why should my hard earned tax dollors go towards looking after such low lives as those poor babies heartless parents.
guest Sunday, July 20, 2008
whats wrong with this pic? no body wonders were are the twins? not even the 11yr. old sister? didn't she ever play with them? grand parents,friends? anybody?
guest Sunday, July 6, 2008
they should get life! both of them!the father knew what was going on and did not care.The mother may have took the seperation out on everybody by neglecting her children and it was a way of paying the father back. god will judge
guest Sunday, July 6, 2008
I am very disgusted in what has happened with these two little darlings. With a 3yr old and a 10mnth old, I am 22yrs old, and know that if my children are hungry they will make a fuss. To know that these babies were neglected, would have suffered sores from the unchanged clothes and nappies, the parents would have been better off dropping them off at the front of a church or something so then they would have been helped. because they were ignored, i think the parents deserve everything they get and more. I am suprised they even lived that long. My heart still feels sore for them, and the many babies that may be going through the same thing
guest Thursday, July 3, 2008
Since hearing of this, there is to many words to descride my hurt for these poor defencless infants. It has been a few weeks since reading the front cover of the Bulletin newspaper and I cant let it go. The thirst the hunger the pain the sadness the heat the cold the neglect the filth these poor babies endured in such a short life is horrifying. Clearly there has to be more resources spent on our children of Australia. Schools, teachers, neighbours, friends, family and or any other person to witness or even suspect child abuse must contact authorites. Signs to look for are no lunch at school, scruffy appearance, absent from school, weight, dental hygene, no children playing in back or front yards of their homes(neighbours), rubbish/mess in yards, older children consently out playing after dark. Im not saying to start spying on the neighbours but use common sense if you sense something wrong, be a nice neighbour and go over for a friendly chat about something not related to the suspective behaviour, this way you may be able to inspect further. I know by saying this it sounds a little crazy but it just may save a infants/childs life from neglect and even death.. Even offer help to mothers you know around you and in your life. The parents of the twins should have the full force of the law thrown at them. Rest in peace precious twins. Forever in our hearts..
guest Wednesday, July 2, 2008

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