Children With Older Siblings Likely to Grow Shorter Than Average

by VR Sreeraman on  September 14, 2007 at 4:49 PM Child Health News   - G J E 4
Children With Older Siblings Likely to Grow Shorter Than Average
Children with older siblings, particularly brothers are at a risk of having their growth stunted, a new study has found.

The study of 14,000 British families, conducted by Dr David Lawson of University College London, also showed that children in larger families were likely to be shorter than average.

Analysis of children born in the 1990s showed that children with three siblings were 2.5 centimetres (one inch) shorter than the average height for their age. The lost height for older siblings was shown to be short-term but there were long-lasting impacts for the youngest children.

The study suggested that siblings may reduce parents' resources in terms of time, money or love.

The researchers studied 14,000 born in 1990's who were enrolled on the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children, one of the largest public health studies to be set up in Britain.

The growth rates of the children were measured and then heights were compared with average heights for the corresponding age. The results showed that having older siblings had a bigger impact on the younger siblings.

The most harmful combination was to be the younger sibling of older brothers, while the effect of having older sisters was milder.

"It is well known that children from larger families perform less well at school but this study is the first to suggest that this also applies to height. Height is generally a good proxy to health," the BBC quoted Dr Lawson, as saying.

"If you are the oldest child, having younger siblings will not affect your development significantly but if you are one of the younger ones, then you can expect to be shorter than your older siblings," he added.

Marjo-Riitta Jarvelin, an expert in epidemiology and public health at Imperial College London, said that the condition of the womb after the first pregnancy may be a crucial factor behind such a phenomenon.

"We know that when women have had a number of pregnancies, they are likely to put on weight and their blood sugar levels can become poorer, and this may have effects on the foetus growing in the womb. It is impossible to know yet what might be causing this effect, though," she said.

"It may be that when families get very large, parents are less able to provide proper nutrition for their children and the youngest are most exposed to that," she added.

Source: ANI

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U guys are soooo wrong! i have an older sis and she's a complete midget!you can mistake her for a 11 year old, except for that face... I'm her younger bro and I'm REALLY tall. so, i think you got that the wrong way around, try it!
The_wrongprover Monday, March 15, 2010
Hi my name is Marti and i agree with older siblings being taller has in my case it is true.I am now 18 yrs old and 5'0 tall.I have an older sister who is 5'5 and an older brother who is 5'8.Then there is lucinda she is 13 yrs old and exactly my height.I have got a feeling that she hasnt finished with her growth spurt and may grow taller than me.Lucky for me when i left school Lucinda hadnt started so i didnt have the abuse of my younger sister being my height.My dad is 5'6 tall and mum is 4'10.All through my childhood i had my mum saying when you gonna get your growth spurt.It got on my nerves.I realised that when i was 15 yrs old that was when i stopped growing.i know that because i was friends with 3 other short guys and when they came back from the school holidays they were a good 4 ins taller than me.I was now on a par with being the same height of the new kids coming up.I was warned that i was never gonna be very tall by my g.p has the bone structure showed it up...
guest Friday, September 26, 2008
Being a shorter than average person is no different in my family has we all all on the short side. Both my parents are barely 5'0 and me and my brother take after them.Peter is 4'11 and i myself is 4'8.I blame it on Peter being the oldest so that is why is the taller.I never minded being this short is is other people that stop and stare.I mean it is not as if i am the shortest person on this planet.I have now been at work for 5 years and the workstaff accept me for who i am.Infact i have more friends here than when i was at school.Pupils treated me like a leper and i suffered with depression for a while.Now everything is good i am still on the lookout for a nice short guy has many guys here are pretty tall.I dont see many short guys so i try the internet to se what is going on.
guest Friday, September 26, 2008
Coming from my country we are one of the shortest people anyway.I never expected to be tall just average would have done me.Now i come from a big family all together there are 9 of us 6 women and 3 men.Me i am the oldest and one of the men.This is how we go with our heights.
ME--------45 yrs old --------5'0
BROTHER---44 yrs old---------5'1
BROTHER---42 yrs old---------5'2
My 6 sisters are all below 5'0.
SISTER----41 yrs old---------4'9
SISTER----39 yrs old---------4'10
SISTER----38 yrs old---------4'10
TWINS-----36 yrs old --------4'7
SISTER----32 yrs old---------4'11.
Our mum was 4'8 tall and dad was 5'0.
Even all our cousins and outer family are on the shortness.So where we live is good has the tallest people in our village are mainly a few men they are only about 5'7 anyways.Lucky for us we all managed to get married an have our own families all my brothers and i managed to find some woman who arent too bad with our heights so we embrace it with love.

guest Wednesday, September 24, 2008
I do not really agree or disagree because i come from a large family it is well known that we arent goint to be giants when we grew up.You see my mum is 4'8 and my dad is 4'10.Then comes all the rest of the family.
Jasmine is 14 yrs old and 4'6
Margi is 12 yrs old and 4'4
Marsha is 10 yrs old and 4'5
You see the girls take after our mum.I dont really think they are going to get much taller they say they will just be pleased if they be the same as mum.
haritar is 20 yrs old and 5'0
gratir is 19 yrs old and 4'9
Then comes me 17 yrs old and 4'7.
I couldnt even get to mums height and i have always been disappointed with that.
If my sisters stay under my height then i wont have too much of a problem i suppose but knowing me they will grow.
i was checked by the doctor only to be told that because mum and dad was short i would be the same.So i can only live in hope that what will be will be..

guest Wednesday, September 17, 2008
I come from a family of 1 older sister she is 30 yrs old and 5'7.Then comes my older brother he is 27 yrs old and 6'2.I on the other hand am 20 yrs old and 5'1.So i do believe that the older siblings can be quite abit taller than the younger ones.Well it is in my case for me it isnt a problem has i am younger but there could be younger siblings taller than their older siblings.I would rather it the way my position is.Younger and shorter maybe not has much has 6 ins thought i wouldnt have minded just a couple but we dont have a choice in our height do we.
guest Saturday, March 15, 2008
I am a s.s.male i am barely 5'0.To be exact 4'11.5.The only time i am 5'0 is when i wear shoes.I have a younger sister who is taller than me.I am 28yrs old and she is 26yrs old her height is 5'7 taking after my dad who is 5'8.I got my height from my mum and nan who are 4'11 and 5'1.I was always taunted about being older than my sister and shorter.When we were younger i was always about 3 ins taller than he till i reached 11yrs old.Before going to secondary school i was measured at a little over 4'11.My sister who was around 2 years younger than me stood at 5'1.Not much taller you think until she reached 17 her height was 5'7.Our last family pic was taken at her birthday party when she was 21.I was told to stand close by and with our parents also included i didnt quite notice the height thing.The pic was like Maddison at the back with my dad with mum infront of dad and me infront of Maddison.She was a good head and shoulders above me.I was always called her little big lol
guest Friday, March 7, 2008
I have to disagree due to me being the oldest 25 yrs old and 4'10.My younger sister is 23 and 5'6 and brother is 21 and 6'2.Both my parents are 5'8 and 5'10.My dad was pretty cruel when i was younger telling me that i couldnt be his due to the height difference.I remember having to go throught the dna process and being told everything was right.This seemed to settle his mind.I was still called a runt by my dad and it is only now that we understand eachother.I knew when i was about 14 that was when i was in high school and my height was checked out at 4'10.Now my sister and brother were 2 and 4 years younger.I always thought they were pretty tall has around this time my sister was already up to my height.My brother was about 3 ins shorter but soon caught up 2 years later.My mum would always say that i will pick up my height but never did happen.Now we are all adults i try to accept my height more than before.I mean it isnt nice having to look up to talk to my sister and brother.
guest Thursday, March 6, 2008
When I stopped growing, I was 5-10 coming from a 5-8 mother and a 6-0 father. My younger sister is still 16, and I think she is going through a growth spurt and is around 5-8 now.
guest Sunday, February 10, 2008
My name is Tony and i am a quite a shortish guy.My height is 5'1 and 45 yrs old.My brother is 5'0 and 43 yrs old.Then come my youngest sister at 4'10 she is 40 yrs old.Now both my parents are short mum tops in at 4'9 and dad is 5'2 he is the tallest.Now none of us expected to be giants so this works out really well for us.My mum does all our alterations on our clothes she is a dab hand at it since she has always done her own.My dads brothers are all the same has well they are between 4'9 and 5'4.With his mum at 5'0 and dad at 5'5.My mums side are short has well her 2 sister are both 4'10 and 5'0.With her mum at 4'11 and dad at 5'6.This has gone back years all our photo's are of short people.We all laugh especially has the tallest is my grandad at 5'6.I bet many people cant believe that hey.We have always been the shortest kids growing up even now our friends are nearly a foot taller than us.So i would just blame it on genetics.We can all wear each others clothes lol
guest Friday, November 9, 2007

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