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Political Touch

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A villager from Bengal met the then Chief Minister P.C.Sen and requested him to touch his enlarged hydroceles.

The Chief Minister could sense that there has been some misunderstanding. He explained to the visitor that his predecessor Dr. B.C.Roy was a medical practitioner but he was not. He advised the villager to consult a doctor. The villager was however adamant and wanted the CM to touch his hydrocele. A visibly annoyed CM politely advised the caller not to entertain superstitious beliefs and politicians including ministers were only ordinary mortals and not God-men with divine touch.

The villager would have nothing of it and was firm in his request that the CM touch his hydroceles. When pressed to speak out, the villager said: “People in my village say that anything the Government touches vanishes and I therefore want the CM to oblige”.

A true incident!!)  



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