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Favourite Orthopaedic

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 6.3

Joke submitted by Ms. Beth

I had an elderly female patient who had every thing but the kitchen sink in her purse. She didn't want h...

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A broken finger

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 6.1

A man goes to the doctor and says to the doctor: "It hurts when I press here" (pressing his side) "And when I press here" (pressing the other side...

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Ortho Surgeons Great Lovers

Submitted By: Emma Mayson | Current Rating: 3.2

Why are orthopaedic surgeons such great lovers? Because when they say something will take half an hour it normally takes three!!!!!...

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Tough Treatment

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 2.5

An old lady fell down the stairs and broke her leg. The doctor put it in a cast and warned her not to walk up and down the stairs. The leg was slow in...

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Hot Water or Cold Water

Submitted By: | Current Rating: 2.1

A business executive injured his leg skiing one weekend. By the time he got home Saturday, the leg was very swollen and he was having difficulty wal...

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