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Nobel Prize Medal Health News - Nobel Prize
Nobel Prize News Posted on April 19, 2014
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 Nobel Prize - Related News
11. Belgian Nobel Laureate Christian De Duve Dies

Biochemist Christian de Duve who won Nobel prize in medicine has died in an act of euthanasia at the age of 95, say sources.

De duve, who won the Nobel Prize for cancer re... Read more

12. Nobel Prize for Discovering the Structure of DNA Up for Auction

For discovering the structure of DNA, the Nobel prize awarded to Francis Crick in 1962 has been put up for auction by his family along with one of his lab coats, his books and other memorabi... Read more

13. Link Between Nobel Prizes and Milk Consumption Identified

Nations that consume a lot of milk tend to have a lot of Nobel laureates among their populations, finds study published in Practical Neurology.

Research published las... Read more

14. Take Science to People, Win Another Nobel, Says Pranab Mukherjee

President Pranab Mukherjee has asked the scientific fraternity to help spread the scientific culture among people and urged them to win another Nobel for India soon.

"I... Read more

15. Nobel Prize Winner Predicts Human Cloning Could Happen Within 50 Years

A British scientist who won this year's Nobel prize for medicine has predicted that human clones will be allowed and accepted within 50 years.

He claims that parents who lose the... Read more

16. 'Doomsday' Hysteria Criticized By Guatemala Nobel Winner

The commercial hype over the supposed ancient Maya predictions of an end of the world on December 21 has made Rigoberta Menchu, the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize winner unhappy.

The dat... Read more

17. In US Stem Cell Pioneer Sues Nobel Assembly

A spokeswoman said Thursday that a pioneer of stem cell research is suing the assembly that awards the Nobel medicine prize, in a first such lawsuit, over claims it made about this year's wi... Read more

18. Nobel Laureate: Ethics Debate Not Put to Rest by Stemcell Success

Stem cells could still spur sharp debate, despite his achievement in creating cells that are not derived from embryos cautioned newly crowned Nobel laureate Shinya Yamanaka.

The... Read more

19. After Nobel Win China Author to Release New Book

Next week, a new collection of plays by Mo Yan will be released following the Chinese author's Nobel Literature Prize success, a report said, citing the work's publisher.

The new... Read more

20. Chocolate Consumption Linked to Higher Chances of Winning Nobel Prize

An unusual study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that a country’s chances of one of its citizens winning the Nobel Prize was linked with its chocolate consumption af... Read more

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