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Submit Health News and Press Releases

Medindia welcomes you to upload your health/medical related news and press releases.

We present the latest in interactive online news release submission and distribution. We offer two different methods to publish your release on our website:

Exclusive Featured Option: This allows you to submit a logo / image with the release. The release can serve as an advertisement for your product. However please note that the product has to be health related and the release should not promote any adult and offensive product. The news will be released on the same day or within 24 hrs.

The exclusive release will be available on the website for a minimum of one year with features to enhance 'Search Engine' visibility. A Forum will let viewers post their comments on the product.

Free Option: The release will be published after 48 to 72 hours and can be viewed in the press release section of Medindia. If the press release is newsworthy it maybe used in the health news section of medindia. We do not publish advertorial articles, or releases free. Minimum word count should be 150 words.

The News release will be generally reviewed before publishing and will be released on the site within 24 to 48 hours.

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