deCODE Launches deCODEme(TM)

Friday, November 16, 2007 General News J E 4
REYKJAVIK, Iceland, Nov. 16 deCODE genetics(Nasdaq: DCGN) today announced the launch of deCODEme(TM), a pioneeringservice that enables individuals to get a detailed look at their own genome.

Through your subscription to deCODEme(TM), you can learn what your DNAsays about your ancestry, your body --traits such as hair and eye color-- aswell as whether you may have genetic variants that have been associated withhigher or lower than average risk of a range of common diseases. Thisinformation will be continually updated as new discoveries are made.

Subscribers will create a secure password-controlled personal account.Just a few weeks after sending in a simple cheek swab, customers will receiveexpert analysis of more than a million key variants across their genome,accessible through an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface.

With deCODEme(TM), your DNA is in the hands of a global leader in humangenetics. In more than a decade of pioneering research, deCODE has analyzedthe genomes of hundreds of thousands of people from around the world,developing an unrivalled track record in gene discovery, in systems forgenetic analysis, as well as data and privacy protection. deCODEme(TM) putsthis expertise to work for you. The introductory promotional price of asubscription to deCODEme is $985. Starting today, deCODEme(TM) is acceptingsubscription orders and we will be soliciting feedback from these firstcustomers to optimize the service experience. To learn more about deCODEme(TM)and how to order, visit, and watch the webcast announcementtoday at 9AM am EST through deCODE's website,

"We are pleased to announce the launch of this ground breaking service.Just a few short years after the first completed sequencing of a human genomein 2003, it is now possible to analyze on a single computer chip a largeproportion of all of the variations in the genome that make each and every oneof us unique. Your genome is yours to discover. In an era when we areencouraged to take greater personal control of our lifestyle and health, webelieve we should all have the opportunity to learn what our own genome cantell us about ourselves," said Kari Stefansson, MD, PhD, CEO of deCODE. "Youhave the opportunity to take advantage of the best that science has to offerwhen you learn about disease risks associated with your genetic variations andancestry with deCODEme(TM) and you have the opportunity to engage in a fun andinteresting exchange when you compare your results to those of your friends.This service is about you, and so we will integrate the feedback that we getfrom our first subscribers to continue to optimize it, to make deCODEme(TM)what you want it to be. We invite you to learn more about the service andyourself."

deCODEme(TM) - It's all about you

deCODEme(TM) is a unique way to get to know yourself better -- from theinside out. Our genomes are more than 99% identical, but in that one percentare millions of tiny variations that make you unique. Through deCODEme(TM) youcan take steps toward learning how your genome makes you unique, in thecontext of cutting edge science and in ways that are both fascinating andinformative. You can learn about your ancestry, about obvious and potentiallyquirky traits, and whether you have certain genetic variations that are knownto be associated with an above or below average risk of certain commondiseases. You can even decide with family and friends to compare genomes anddiscover which blocks of DNA code you share. As new discoveries are made, youwill receive updates and be able to check your genome against thebreakthroughs in the headlines.

When you open your deCODEme(TM) account you create your own username andpassword and have full control of information and data comparison with yourfriends and family. You can even create an anonymous account if you wish. Andif you have ques


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