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1. BEHAVIOR: DOES LOSING YOUR HOUSE MEAN LOSING YOUR SPOUSE? DR. ROBERT PUFF,internationally renowned clinical psychologist and author of "Anger Work: HowTo Express Your Anger and Still Be Kind" and the podcast "Living a PeacefulLife": "With the current mortgage crisis, many couples are experiencing anenormous strain on their relationship caused by losing their homes. Withoutthe proper tools for coping, we take our anger, stress and frustration out onthe ones we love, driving a wedge between us at the very time when we mostneed each other's support." Puff can explain how to use hands-on techniques todeal pro-actively with stress and negative emotions in order to maintain kindand loving relationships even during the roughest patches of life. Web site: (8/22/08)

2. HEALTH: ADULTS LIVING WITH UNDIAGNOSED ADHD NEED MORE INFORMATION ANDTOOLS. SUSAN CAUGHMAN, editor in chief of ADDITUDE MAGAZINE, the nation'slargest publication dedicated to children and adults with attention deficit,and co-sponsor of the fifth annual ADHD Awareness Week (Sept. 14-20), in whichthe attention-deficit community will celebrate with special events, outreachefforts and free educational downloads: "Education is critical, but it's alsovitally important to remember that the more than 6 million adults living withundiagnosed ADHD need better information and tools right now -- and all yearround. Michael Phelps has brought ADHD back into the news, and now it's ourjob to make sure the education and understanding around ADHD grows and thatattention deficit continues to be seen as a great asset." Caughman can speakabout ADHD diagnosis and treatment resources. News Contact: Anni Rodgers, Phone: +1-310-977-7272 Web site:

3. HEALTH: BRAIN ANEURYSMS. ANAND GERMANWALA, M.D., assistant professor ofneurosurgery and chief of cerebral vascular neurosurgery at UNIVERSITY OFNORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL School of Medicine, has extensive training andexperience in brain aneurysms and is available to comment on risk, preventionand treatments of aneurysms: "The recent, sudden news of U.S. Rep. StephanieTubbs Jones' brain aneurysm and subsequent death will raise many questionsabout brain hemorrhages and the risk factors. An aneurysm is a bubble or ablister on a blood vessel. A 'brain aneurysm' we hear about in the news meansone of these bubbles is on a vessel that supplies blood to the brain, and a'ruptured brain aneurysm' is one that has burst, resulting in bleeding in thebrain. Women are more likely to have a brain aneurysm, and approximately30,000 people in the U.S. suffer from a ruptured brain aneurysm each year.About half of these people end up dying. Brain aneurysms, whether ruptured orunruptured, can be treated." News Contact: Lindsay Kahn,, andMonica Charleston, Phone: +1-312-558-1770 (8/22/08)

4. HEALTH: FOODS AND DRINKS TO AVOID TO PREVENT TOOTH DECAY. DR. MICHAELKOSDON, DDS, cosmetic dentist to the stars serving Burbank and Thousand Oaks,Calif.: "A busy back-to-school schedule often means more quick meals,including fast food and snacks such as cereal bars, chocolate treats andfrench fries. Many of these foods contain sugars and starches that form asticky film of bacteria, which can quickly cause plaque build-up and cavities.Moreover, drinking soda and sugar juices rots teeth. The carbonation in sodascontains acids that erode the enamel. Decay can begin immediately if a persondrinks more than one soft drink a day. Diet drinks are not exempt from thetooth decay warning list. If you must consume soft drinks, limit it tomealtime, and drink plenty of water in between meals. Not only will you avoidtooth decay, but you'll avoid the habits that can lead to obesity veryquickly." News Contact: Cindy Rakowitz Phone: +1-818-783-3307 (8/22/08)



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